How I Live Life Without Regrets

If there's one thing in life I've learned it's that I should never feel the need to regret my decisions. I will never regret the choices that I have made in the past or the choices that I still have yet to make. One way or another these decisions shape who I am and who I will become and I wouldn't change that for the world. Everything that has happened thus far in my life has shaped who I am today. The decisions I still have to make will continue to shape me but I will never regret them and that's because one way or another, whether they end up hurting me at one point or don't turn out the way that I want them to, I will still learn from them and I will not have any regrets in life just lessons learned.

"Never regret anything that once made you smile"- Mark Twain

Most regrets are disappointments, and in order to be disappointed you had too high of expectations. I am not saying that you need to lower your expectations, the opposite in fact have high standards for your life, but do keep in mind that those 'regrets' at one point probably made you extremely happy or brought you joy. That is why I find it exceptionally difficult to regret any decision of mine, because at one point in life I had to have thought that it was the right choice and at the time it probably was.

"I have no regrets in life just lessons learned."

Obviously, there will be moments that I look back and wonder "what in the world was I thinking!?", but in reality we all have those moments, and there will be moments that I look back on and won't agree with the decisions I made at that time but life is too short to live full of regrets. That boy that you fell for, you know the one that made you feel so special but also made you feel like you could never be loved again, do not regret any it, but instead grow from it. Or the career choice you made years ago, now after more than a decade ended up not working out in your favor, you learned from it. The best advice I ever received was "make peace with your past", those five words came at a point in my life where they had such an immense impact on me. They helped me realize that there was nothing I could do to change the past. However, I could decide that if I wanted to continue my future with the same mentality as I had in the past that nothing would actually change in my future.

"Make peace with your past"

Most life lessons disguise themselves as regrets you just have to know how to look for them. Allow these moments of pain to fuel the fire and drive you forward into becoming the best possible version of yourself. Learn from the experience, realize that you deserve better, recognize what you want out of life and determine your plan of action on how to achieve those goals.

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