How I Knew That I was Ready To Go Back To School

When I graduated from high school I was nervous about the next chapter in my life. I was also excited about the new journey that I was about to embark. That new journey was college.

I was extremely overwhelmed by the amount of work that I was given once I got there. Every assignment was due around the same time. Eventually I got used to it and I started to love school; however by the time senior year came around I was over all things school related. I was so ready to be done!

After high school, an extra four years for undergrad is extremely exhausting. Once I was officially finished with my undergraduate degree, I said that I was done with school for good!

The fact that I wasn't completely sure what I wanted to do career-wise also deferred my decision to continue my education. Not to mention school is expensive!

Upon entering the real world you see how hard if is to find a good job, especially one that pays decent nowadays. Every job either wants you to have years of experience, a master's degree, or both. I was starting to see that these days an undergraduate degree just isn't enough. Eventually, I was going to have to continue my education.

I thought long and hard and have since figured out what direction I see myself going in after school. Like the current job that I have, many other jobs will help to students to pay for their schooling. With all of that in mind, I've decided that I'm ready to get back in school.

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