When I was younger, my family lived in Kosciusko, MS. It was a small town where everyone knew everyone. As a child, my family went to church every Sunday. I went to every VBS, Wednesday night event, literally anything the church had going on.

At the age of about 5, my dad had gotten a job in Canton, MS at Nissan. He had to drive every morning and night about an hour to work. We ended up moving during the school year, which was a big change.

We moved into our new house in Madison and I started at my new school. At this time I was about 7. I was a struggle getting used to the new home, new town, and the new school. The first year we lived in our new house, we did have a washer or dryer, so we had to go to the washeteria.

It was just me and my mom in the car headed to the washeteria. For some reason, I started thinking, "what if someone shot me and mom or what if we crash and die." So, I asked my mom, "Where would I go if I died right now, Momma?" She told me that we would talk about it when we go home.

When we go home, my mom went to her room to talk to my dad. They both came out and told my siblings to go to their rooms. I was so nervous. My mom told me to tell dad what I said in the car, so I did.

Dad had his bible in his hand. He started by turning to John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that He gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life." He then said, "For God so loved you, Abby, that He gave His one and only Son, that if you believe in Him you will have eternal life."

This touched my heart and I began to cry. Why would God love me so much to send His only Son to die for me?

Dad kept explaining to me that once I accept God into my heart I had to repent from sin. He said that we would talk to the pastor and see when I could be baptized. We went to church Sunday and after the service was over, we went to talk to Brother Rob. He took us to his office where we had set a date for me to get baptized. He then asked me if I was ready and I told him I was.

As the weeks went now it kept getting closer to time. Then it was finally there. I woke up that Sunday morning excited and nervous. I was going to be baptized in front of the whole church. My mom and I went in the back and got me ready to go out.

When I stepped into the water, it was not too cold but not to hot either. My nerves were gone as I was talking to Brother Rob. After coming out of the water I felt like a new person. This was the best feeling in the world.