Just today, I was asked the regular question: "How are you today?" I answered with my usual response, "I'm good." The gentleman seemed to expect that answer and asked a follow-up question, "How do you know you're good?" I was not e

xpecting that question so I paused for a moment and really think. After a few seconds of pondering the question, I responded with, "Well my grades are looking good at this time, so there's that." The man smiled and said, "I really like that answer. Have a great day!"
After he left, it really got my thinking - how does everyones else know that they are doing good. How do YOU know you are doing good? Let's look at the numbers.
You have Internet Access
Since you are able to read this article, that means you have access to Internet unlike 53% of the world as of November of 2016. That's right as many people you know use the internet isn't even half of the Earth's population!
You have a Home
Consider yourself in good hands if you have a roof over your head. In 2016, over half a million people are homeless in the United States.
You are given an Education
This one irritates me at times because it is taken for granted by so many people. In the United States, you are given-in fact, is a law-that you go to school for free!!! There are many countries where education is highly desired for meer elementary level information. Please stop taking this for granted.
Parents are not Divorced or Separated
I am very thankful my parents are still together after 22 years. In 2015, there are about 12 million single parent families. If you aren't in one of those families, you should feel very lucky too.
You are have a Job
If you are of legal age and have a job, keep that job. Over 92 million adults are unemployed. That's is a lot of people and be glad you aren't one of them.
You are Alive and Well
Most importantly, you are living life. There might be hardships along the way, but just keep trucking, and you will find yourself in a better position than you were yesterday. If you feel defeated or feel like you are falling behind, just think about where you were a decade, a year, or even a month ago.
"Live life to the fullest, and focus on
the positive."
-Matt Cameron