In the admittedly short amount of time that I’ve been (almost religiously) watching My Drunk Kitchen and Hannah Hart's other videos, Hannah has helped shape me as a person. It might sound silly, but I’ve come to love and accept myself so much more since the beginning of my YouTube experience with Hannah. While My Drunk Kitchen probably doesn’t exactly sound like an inspiring, emotional, encouraging or “deep” channel or series, it’s definitely so much more than one might expect!

At the risk of sounding silly for a second time, Hannah Hart was my very first girl crush. I think I had been subconsciously doubting my heterosexuality for quite a while, but I never actively acknowledged the fact that I might not be as straight as I thought. That all changed when I watched a My Drunk Kitchen video. As cheesy as it sounds, Hannah was basically the reason I started to question my sexuality, and she later became my inspiration to explore myself and who I really am.

Hannah is very open about her sexuality, and I think that’s part of what makes her such a beautiful person. (We all know Hannah is attractive, but that’s not exactly what made me question myself.) It’s so hard to put into words, but there’s something about the way Hannah holds herself and the way she cares so much for the well-being of others—not just the LGBT+ community—that made me want to learn more about myself so that I could hopefully become more comfortable and in love with who I am as a person and share and spread that love with others.

Essentially, after my realization that I’m not at all as straight as I thought, Hannah encouraged me to come out. Obviously she had no idea that she was encouraging me, but the love, acceptance and joy that Hannah radiates to others really showed me that there are people who will accept me for who I am. Sure, she’s a person on the Internet who I’ve never met, but that doesn’t mean she’s the only one of her kind. Of course I had encouragement from my family and friends, and they were the main reason I was able to gather the courage to come out, but Hannah sparked my bravery and courage enough to give me the push I needed to start my coming-out process.

In case Hannah’s effect on my life hasn’t been enough to show how much of an amazing human being she really is (How can you not think she’s the best?! She even wrote a book on being and loving yourself called "Buffering!"), take a look at some of the awesome things she’s said over the years:

Let’s face it. Hannah Hart is an amazing person. She gives me so much hope for humanity even when I feel like the entire world is falling apart. This probably sounds like some cheesy love letter (it’s not!), but I hope that you’ll see it as much more than that. I hope that everyone can find someone or something that provides hope, happiness, encouragement and inspiration. (It’s basically like finding a soulmate minus the actual relationship.) For me, that’s Hannah Hart.