College is stressful enough already, but thinking about the future and what to do after graduation is very stressful. When getting into your senior year it feels like everyone has a set plan on what they are going to do after graduation. Do not worry, plans change and it may feel like you are the only one without an idea of what to do, but trust me you aren't. Towards the end of senior year is when you should start knowing what you are wanting to do, and you don't need to have every little detail completely figured out. If you go into the year stressed out, you will just continue to get more stressed and it will make things harder in the long run.

Making sure to just focus on all the classes you need to take is important, but also having fun while in your last year of college is very important. You're about to graduate from a school that you just spent the last four years of your life at. Take time to do fun things around campus and hang out with your college friends. People go their separate ways after college so it is important to spend time with everyone you can all while preparing to graduate.

College feels like it goes by so fast and it is important to appreciate all the little things before you graduate. Do not fully stress about the future because then you will not get to enjoy your last year as a college student. Everything will work out and fall into place so it is important to not continuously worry about everything. Just take time, focus on classes and enjoy the last year of your college experience, because before you know it will be over and I guarantee you will miss it.