College life as we all know can be hectic. It can be hectic whether you're involved in activities or not. I, however, am involved in my classes, my softball team, and my sorority. Life is nothing short of hectic for me.

Juggling all three and still finding time to study, sleep, and have a social life is manageable and I have somewhat learned how to manage it.

The first of the three is school. School is always number one for me. There have been times where I have let it fall to the wayside because of social life, but I had to learn to pick it up quickly.

School and studying should always be the main priority. As I mentioned I'm involved with my sorority and my softball team. There have been many times that I have completed homework in the dugout during practice. As well as times I have gone to the library with my sorority sisters to study for midterms and finals.

That is how I manage to have social life as well as study and get my school work done. Studying with friends leaves room for time with friends as well when you study together.

My softball team is like my job. I do not play, but I am the manager of the team. I make sure they have all the equipment they need for practice or games, as well as making sure their uniforms are nice and clean before the next game. There are many hours worked throughout the week at the softball field, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

As I stated social life is hard to have but when you're around a group of girls everyday it is hard not to become friends with them. I enjoy what I do and I enjoy getting to be a small part of the game I love so much. Another thing softball helps me with is the aspect of traveling. We are constantly traveling for a game, and while it is tiring I love getting to see new facilities and cities.

Sorority is where most of my social life comes from. We have events every week and afterwards we go to eat. While in my sorority I hold a chairman position. My position is not one of the more stressful, but it can be. I am thankful that I know these girls and that I am a part of this organization. They help going to class easy because we see each other; they support my softball as well.

Sorority and softball may be my biggest two conflicting bodies in my life. I say that, but not in a bad way. I say that good because they constantly keep me busy. In my sorority we always have one event a week to attend if not more. However, with softball we are gone almost every weekend because we are playing. School then likes to throw in tests on what seem to be the craziest week but in the end I manage.

While my life may seem anything but underwhelming that is true, but I do not regret any of it. I am very blessed to have all these opportunities. Just know that if you're going through life and you feel super overwhelmed take a step back and look at everything you have.

Also you have to look at the big picture. I know when I'm studying and stressing over school that I just have to take a step back and look at where I'm going and where I want to be after college. Also while you may not be involved in any extracurricular that is okay just make sure you still have a healthy balance of everything you need. The healthy balance is what will make us all successful in the end.