For The College Student Who Thinks They Can Handle The Hectic Lifestyle

For The College Student Who Thinks They Can Handle The Hectic Lifestyle

Never a dull moment with my hectic schedule.

College life as we all know can be hectic. It can be hectic whether you're involved in activities or not. I, however, am involved in my classes, my softball team, and my sorority. Life is nothing short of hectic for me.

Juggling all three and still finding time to study, sleep, and have a social life is manageable and I have somewhat learned how to manage it.

The first of the three is school. School is always number one for me. There have been times where I have let it fall to the wayside because of social life, but I had to learn to pick it up quickly.

School and studying should always be the main priority. As I mentioned I'm involved with my sorority and my softball team. There have been many times that I have completed homework in the dugout during practice. As well as times I have gone to the library with my sorority sisters to study for midterms and finals.

That is how I manage to have social life as well as study and get my school work done. Studying with friends leaves room for time with friends as well when you study together.

My softball team is like my job. I do not play, but I am the manager of the team. I make sure they have all the equipment they need for practice or games, as well as making sure their uniforms are nice and clean before the next game. There are many hours worked throughout the week at the softball field, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

As I stated social life is hard to have but when you're around a group of girls everyday it is hard not to become friends with them. I enjoy what I do and I enjoy getting to be a small part of the game I love so much. Another thing softball helps me with is the aspect of traveling. We are constantly traveling for a game, and while it is tiring I love getting to see new facilities and cities.

Sorority is where most of my social life comes from. We have events every week and afterwards we go to eat. While in my sorority I hold a chairman position. My position is not one of the more stressful, but it can be. I am thankful that I know these girls and that I am a part of this organization. They help going to class easy because we see each other; they support my softball as well.

Sorority and softball may be my biggest two conflicting bodies in my life. I say that, but not in a bad way. I say that good because they constantly keep me busy. In my sorority we always have one event a week to attend if not more. However, with softball we are gone almost every weekend because we are playing. School then likes to throw in tests on what seem to be the craziest week but in the end I manage.

While my life may seem anything but underwhelming that is true, but I do not regret any of it. I am very blessed to have all these opportunities. Just know that if you're going through life and you feel super overwhelmed take a step back and look at everything you have.

Also you have to look at the big picture. I know when I'm studying and stressing over school that I just have to take a step back and look at where I'm going and where I want to be after college. Also while you may not be involved in any extracurricular that is okay just make sure you still have a healthy balance of everything you need. The healthy balance is what will make us all successful in the end.

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So, You Want To Be A Nurse?

You're going to find that nursing isn't really about the medicine or the assessments. Being a nurse is so much more than anything that you can learn in school. Textbooks can't teach you compassion and no amount of lecture time will teach you what it truly means to be a nurse.


To the college freshman who just decided on nursing,

I know why you want to be a nurse.

Nurses are important. Nursing seems fun and exciting, and you don't think you'll ever be bored. The media glorifies navy blue scrubs and stethoscopes draped around your neck, and you can't go anywhere without hearing about the guaranteed job placement. You passed AP biology and can name every single bone in the human body. Blood, urine, feces, salvia -- you can handle all of it with a straight face. So, you think that's what being a nurse is all about, right? Wrong.

You can search but you won't find the true meaning of becoming a nurse until you are in the depths of nursing school and the only thing getting you through is knowing that in a few months, you'll be able to sign the letters "BSN" after your name...

You can know every nursing intervention, but you won't find the true meaning of nursing until you sit beside an elderly patient and know that nothing in this world can save her, and all there's left for you to do is hold her hand and keep her comfortable until she dies.

You'll hear that one of our biggest jobs is being an advocate for our patients, but you won't understand until one day, in the middle of your routine physical assessment, you find the hidden, multi-colored bruises on the 3-year-old that won't even look you in the eyes. Your heart will drop to your feet and you'll swear that you will not sleep until you know that he is safe.

You'll learn that we love people when they're vulnerable, but you won't learn that until you have to give a bed bath to the middle-aged man who just had a stroke and can't bathe himself. You'll try to hide how awkward you feel because you're young enough to be his child, but as you try to make him feel as comfortable as possible, you'll learn more about dignity at that moment than some people learn in an entire lifetime.

Every class will teach you about empathy, but you won't truly feel empathy until you have to care for your first prisoner in the hospital. The guards surrounding his room will scare the life out of you, and you'll spend your day knowing that he could've raped, murdered, or hurt people. But, you'll walk into that room, put your fears aside, and remind yourself that he is a human being still, and it's your job to care, regardless of what he did.

Each nurse you meet will beam with pride when they tell you that we've won "Most Trusted Profession" for seventeen years in a row, but you won't feel that trustworthy. In fact, you're going to feel like you know nothing sometimes. But when you have to hold the sobbing, single mother who just received a positive breast cancer diagnosis, you'll feel it. Amid her sobs of wondering what she will do with her kids and how she's ever going to pay for treatment, she will look at you like you have all of the answers that she needs, and you'll learn why we've won that award so many times.

You'll read on Facebook about the nurses who forget to eat and pee during their 12-hour shifts and swear that you won't forget about those things. But one day you'll leave the hospital after an entire shift of trying to get your dying patient to eat anything and you'll realize that you haven't had food since 6:30 A.M. and you, too, will be one of those nurses who put everything else above themselves.

Too often we think of nursing as the medicine and the procedures and the IV pumps. We think of the shots and the bedpans and the baths. We think all the lab values and the blood levels that we have to memorize. We think it's all about the organs and the diseases. We think of the hospitals and the weekends and the holidays that we have to miss.

But, you're going to find that nursing isn't really about the medicine or the assessments. Being a nurse is so much more than anything that you can learn in school. Textbooks can't teach you compassion, and no amount of lecture time will teach you what it truly means to be a nurse.

So, you think you want to be a nurse?

Go for it. Study. Cry. Learn everything. Stay up late. Miss out on things. Give it absolutely everything that you have.

Because I promise you that the decision to dedicate your life to saving others is worth every sleepless night, failed test, or bad day that you're going to encounter during these next four years. Just keep holding on.


The nursing student with just one year left.

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Why I Transferred To The University Of Oklahoma And Joined a New Sorority

Change is always hard, but it can give us the best gifts in life.


My life since moving to Oklahoma has basically erupted into something 3 years ago I could have only dreamed of. But how? And why would I leave something outside of St. Louis that I loved so much? I had a lot going for me in Illinois. I had my best friends, a research position with a Dean that I was obsessed with in every way, and a sorority that I still miss being a part of. I was on track to graduate pretty soon as well. So why leave?



I was born in Ada, Oklahoma, and my entire family can be traced back in the state for several generations. I have stories about Blake Shelton and his run ins with both sides of my family, including the story of how his first vocal performance was at my grandmother's pageant she ran. We started moving when I was about 8 and my dad joined the Air Force, and I stayed with my family throughout college. SIUE really stood out to me when we moved to Southern Illinois, and I'm so happy I gave it a shot. I love all my besties from that school! I did consider staying instead of moving back to Oklahoma with my family when my dad got stationed here in the fall. However, a few other things were motivators for change as well. But in terms of family, It's been so great to see my everyone more than just on holidays.



About a year into living next to St. Louis and hitting up areas like Central West End with my friends, I realized I really, really loved spending time in the city. However, hearing stories about how dangerous the city was made me want to opt for a safer location. Even though areas like Central West End are nice, the nursing school there had to build an underground tunnel from their parking garage to their campus because people were getting messed with at night. I knew that Fort Worth was so safe that in the summer kids ran around at night downtown, and doing so in St. Louis would be unheard of. I immediately loved the idea of living in a high rise in Sundance Square in Fort Worth, Texas with the ability to walk around and go shopping all the time. I decided I wanted to work in DFW and with my acceptance to OU, I wanted to have the name of OU on my resume. I thought it would be easier to get my foot in the door with a career in either OKC or DFW, where I knew I ultimately wanted to thrive in my corporate career. So I took the plunge. And dang, in that respect, it's been such a good decision! There are so many valuable Dallas connections here at OU, and having my experience in Price has already allowed me to have the most amazing internship, it's ridiculous. SIUE taught me how to hustle, but OU gave me a world of opportunity that I knew could happen, but now I'm amazed at just how much opportunity there's been.

Duh, it's OU!

I come from an OU family, but never really ever thought about being a student here. I always saw myself either becoming a medical student or a fashion student- and maybe one at the College of Charleston in South Carolina. I get in-state tuition at OU due to the fact that I'm still a dependent of my dad on his Oklahoma Move Orders for the Air Force, and living at home and going to OU is even less expensive than it would be to live 7 hours away from family at SIUE. Game days, the beautiful campus, campus corner, and - let me be real - the crazy amount of 10/10 guys: OU is awesome. I mean, can we talk about the fact that at least 70% of it is insta-story or Pinterest worthy? When I was at SIUE, I realized how interested in technology I was. OU has some really amazing programs to help me pursue a career in what I'm interested in that career path, and so it was an obvious fit.

O.K. but like, how are you in two sororities?

I became an alum of my panhellenic sorority when I transferred, but now I'm a new member of Sigma Phi Lambda, which is not panhellenic because it's a Christian sorority. It operates under IGC at OU and not Panhellenic! So that's how that works. We're about the same size of my alum sorority at over 100 girls, and it's honestly a really good fit for me. Phi Lamb is really involved on campus and we're super excited to be paired with G Phi and the BYX boys for homecoming this fall! Everyone in Phi Lamb is super sweet, and I'm super loving it. Speaking of Alpha Sigma Tau though, there are a couple of chapters in Oklahoma and I've made a few friends with the girls at Rogers State in Tulsa who do modeling in OKC. I'm still a proud Alpha Tau <3. Overall, people are super nice in Oklahoma and making friends has been easy and natural. I definitely feel at home at OU. Unless I was on a different career motivation at like an Ivy League or something, there's really no other place I'd rather be. St. Louis will always have a place in my heart, but there really is no place like home.

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