A lot of us seem to use the term "Christian" lightly, however, it's not something we should flaunt if we're not true to our word. I'll be the first to admit that it's taken me almost 17 years to feel like I'm totally for God, and that's insane.

I've grown up in a home where religion was encouraged, but not necessarily a priority. It came down to all of us doing our own thing or making plans and somehow always forgetting to schedule time with Jesus in there.

I've never been the most religious person, I've done things that were frowned upon by Christians that I was friends with and it seemed like I didn't have any real feelings or understanding of why I was doing things as such, not saying I was this horrible person or anything like that, I just wasn't as mindful of my actions and what I said as I should have been, but I've changed.

Since school's started I've been pushing myself full-force into the word of God and really digging deep into everything he has to say, and it's honestly so incredible and so mind blowing to understand something like that. To realize that Jesus literally put all of his faith in us when he died for all of us and that's exactly what we need to do. We need to have faith in God and really trust him in all aspects of our life. Now don't think that means not to put any effort into anything you do, that means if you're stuck and are in need of guidance He's there. He's always going to be there, no matter how many times you mess up, He's not going to turn His back on you.

There have always been great Christian women in my life, but it's been a few girls that are my age that I've really gotten to know throughout my years in high school that have pushed me towards God and have really shown an interest in my walk in faith and have held me accountable for prayer and reading my Bible.

God is someone who is always there, He wants to hear about your day. He wants to know why you're upset or sad, He wants to know you and that's so mind blowing to me to think that He cares about each and every one of us and He's planned our entire lives for us. He sacrificed Himself to give life to us,and although we may feel like we disappoint Him at times in our lives, His love is so unconditional.

My faith continues to grow and flourish every day, but even if you're not a strong Christian or you have the slightest curiosity in learning about God, go for it. There's an app called She Reads Truth that has great bible studies and one called He Reads Truth for guys, and I 10/10 would recommend it. It's a great way to dive into the word and get a preview of the glory in God's word.