Saying the word "goodbye" is rarely enjoyable. This one word is linked to many circumstances that would often much rather be avoided. Situations such as moving away, breakups, leaving for school, simply deciding it is the right time and so much more. Regardless which situation may be true for you, I understand. And this will hopefully explain how to get past this tough word and the situations involved around it.

A great way to make saying goodbye a far better experience is by looking on the bright side of things and thinking of all the positives rather than the negatives. Focusing on the negatives leads to stress and sadness. This will only make letting go far worse. Looking on the bright side will make you feel as if saying goodbye will be great and is the correct thing to do. For example, letting go of someone can be positive if they were holding you back from your goals and worth or saying goodbye to a loved one as they go to school so they can achieve their goals and degree. Keep in mind that it is for the better rather than focusing on what is making it hard to let go.

Saying goodbye can also strengthen you as a person and can make the relationship between you and the person you're saying it to much stronger. After saying goodbye you have some time to focus on yourself and your goals while of course remaining in contact. Having time apart or more distanced from each other gives you time to focus on your school, work and goals. Separation or distance can also lead you to view your relationship in a broader view. Distance is said to pull people apart, but it can also lead you to value your significant other, family member or friend much greater!

Furthermore, keeping in touch is insanely easy now, thanks to today's technology. Texting, phone calls and Snapchat are the most common ways to keep in touch with your loved ones after saying goodbye on a daily basis. Also, social media is a prime way to keep in touch and keep up with all the latest news in each other's lives. Another tip would be to utilize video chatting. FaceTiming and Skype are the best way to do this. Schedule video dates as often and regularly. This will help the goodbye to seem less drastic!

It is never, "goodbye," it's, "see you later," or, "until next time."

Goodbye is a tough word, but you can pull through!