Hi there. Let's talk, just between me and you. We both know this has been pushed off for too long. It is time to muster up the courage and call that guy. You know who I mean. An image forms in your mind when I say him. Make no mistake, you know exactly who I'm talking about.

It is time to call your local congressional representative.

The news is everywhere and nonstop. If you have been anywhere within reading distance of a computer screen, you know about net neutrality or at least that people have been talking a lot about this issue. If you have no idea what I am talking about, Chairman of the FCC Ajit Pai announced in April his plan to retaliate against Barack Obama's former net neutrality regulations, which insure a free internet for all users.

Last Tuesday, while students made their way home for break and families started preparing the Thanksgiving meals, we learned that Congress will be voting on these net neutrality rollbacks December 14th.

If Pai's regulations pass, cable and broadcasting companies will be able to bar and charge areas of the web making users pay separate rates for types of internet content.

Regulated net consumption has already accumulated a history, so if you wonder when you should call, the answer is now, and you have just under three weeks.

Unsure of who your representative is? Type your zip code here.

So you called, but you still have more to say? Visit Battle For the Net to write to Congress or find a protest.

After your visit there, go to the Free Press net neutrality site where you can sign a petition and call your senator. They even provide a short script for guidance.

If a phone call ties your stomach in a socially debilitating knot, email Pai. Use these email formats as a starter frame.

December 14th. Both Congress and the FCC board may be filled with a Republican majority, but there is still time to make enough noise for Republicans on the FCC board to notice and rethink this bill.

Buck up and pick up that phone.