If you're a college student, then it's no secret that you have attended house parties before.

Whether it's to pregame before your sorority's formal or just because you knew "insert his name here" was going to be there, there is a good chance you will see these people there.

1. The group of girls drinking Four Loko's like it's nobody's business.

I mean, did they even stop and look at the alcohol content in those drinks? I dunno, but don't be surprised if they're running to the bathroom in an hour.

2. The guy in the kitchen who gets stuck making everyone's drinks.

This guy deserves an award for all of the people that he's putting up with. Even though you're kinda questioning how much vodka he's pouring into your drink, you take it anyway.

3. The guy who won't hand over the AUX cord.

Look man, we know Migos gets you turnt AF but it's time we changed it up and played some throwbacks.

4. The broken-hearted girl wearing a low-cut top while posting Snapchat stories for her ex to see.

Girl, we get it. You wanna show him what he's missing out on, but you don't have to post a million things on your story just to prove that your life is exciting. Go mingle with some other guys, you already look hot and have nothing to lose!

5. The girl who clearly only came because her friend said, "It'll be fun."

She's probably standing in the corner texting her other friend complaining about how this party is "so lame."

6. The guy who wants to get blackout drunk and won't let anyone stop him.

Someone has clearly had a rough week.

7. The guy who passes out first.

Everyone totally thought that he knew how to take his liquor, but he had them fooled. Someone get this man a couch.

8. The guy who insists on taking his clothes off.

This can either be a really good thing or a really bad thing (if you know what I mean).

9. The guy everyone thinks is just a wannabee musician but he can actually sing.

Apparently, he is on Spotify too, who would have guessed?

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10. The person who gets lost finding the bathroom and comes back wearing a ridiculous piece of clothing that's not theirs.

Bonus point if they look like they stepped out of Macklemore's "Thrift Shop" music video.

11. The girl already puking when you get there.

Don't worry, she's got someone to hold her hair back.

12. The person who is always offering you a shot.

I guess they call the shots at this party.

13. The couple all over each other.

Please just get a room already.

14. The group of girls who think they're hardcore because they are rapping Cardi B.

Get it, ladies. Everyone is already staring, anyway.

15. The girl who happily shows up with her own bottle of wine and doesn't care what anyone has to say about it.

No shame.

16. The girl drowning all of her problems in alcohol.

Isn't that what we're all trying to do here?