A Definitive Ranking Of The Men Of 'Star Wars,' From Jabba The Hutt To Luke Skywalker

A Definitive Ranking Of The Men Of 'Star Wars,' From Jabba The Hutt To Luke Skywalker

Do you prefer the dark side or the light side?

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...

All we all know, "Star Wars: The Last Jedi " has hit theatres and wookiee-lovers everywhere are getting their lightsabers ready for the long-awaited film. Star Wars really has it all... a fantastic storyline with awesome fight scenes, intricate plot-twists and strong characters who happen to be conveniently beautiful, intelligent, fantastic actors.

If you’re like me, the added bonus of the men of Star Wars makes the series 10-times as incredible than it already is! So whether you’re in love with a fighter in the resistance or a man of the dark side, here’s a list of the ranking of the men of Star Wars (in character, of course) from "stay away from this scum" to "Death Star drop-dead" husband material. May the force be with you all!

22. Jabba the Hutt

Jabba the Hutt... just all-around a nasty dude who imprisons women and dresses them in scandalous outfits and makes them dance for him. Slimy and resembles a turd.

0/10 would not cross the galaxy for him.

21. Jar Jar Binks

Just...no. 100% the most unnecessary character in the whole series, fight me on it.

20. Supreme Leader Snoke

I mean, would you want to kiss that? Add the fact that he's super bad and thrives on the dark side, and you got the galaxy's worst boyfriend!

19. General Hux

I honestly feel bad for General Hux... he's always getting slapped around when all he really wants is to see the New Republic rise and the Resistance fall. Keep dreaming, Huxy.

18. Boba Fett

Mysterious and villainous. I wouldn't want to get into a lover's quarrel with this bounty hunter.

17. C-3PO

Maybe it's just me, but I find C-3PO a tad bit annoying. He'd be the obsessive-compulsive boyfriend who has an opinion on everything.

16. Lando Calrissian

Lando is the guy who's all like, "Babe you can trust me! You're the only girl I'm talking to!" He's a playboy that lying, cheating traitor.

15. Yoda

Sure he's green, small and talks backward but it's hard to not fall in love with Master Yoda! Not quite boyfriend material though...

14. Saw Gerrera

This man would definitely be a great husband after like 40 years of marriage... he's a leader, a fighter and built like a tank. Literally, because he has to wear that pressure suit in order to even breathe.

13. Baze Malbus

Fierce and loyal, Baze would avenge you from anyone who did you wrong.

12. Chirrut Imwe

OK, hear me out. The reason Chirrut Imwe is so high on the list is that he's dedicated, passionate and one hell of a fighter for being a blind dude. He would not disappoint as a hubby.

11. Mace Windu

This Jedi Master is an all-around badass. How cool would it be to bring Mace Windu as your date to date functions??! Not to mention that he's incredibly skilled with a lightsaber and incredibly wise and also still ALIVE?? (according to actor Samuel L. Jackson)

10. Bodhi Rook

An Imperial Pilot turned a Rebellion Rogue. This anxious cutie pie would be a hard-working husband who would focus on YOU.

9. Chewbacca

He'll shed but he's a keeper! Chewie knows how to protect his loved ones and is one of the most loyal characters in the entire series. Come for the wookiee love and stay for the Millennium Falcon.

8. Darth Vader aka Anakin Skywalker

Pre-Darth days, Anakin Skywalker was a BABE. He had the looks but he had a whiny attitude. Also, let's not forget that he tried to kill his own son and take over the galaxy. Basically, who's your daddy?

7. Obi-Wan Kenobi

I mean, LOOK AT THIS JEDI MASTER. Young Obi-Wan was a STUD. ALSO, don't forget that he was the first Jedi in a millennium to defeat a Sith Lord. Sure, he unknowingly trained Anakin Skywalker aka Darth Vader but he's a dedicated, wholesome, attractive man, through and through. Definitely husband material.

6. Finn

Just look at him. He left his Stormtrooper position to fight for the Resistance. He's loyal, fierce, cute and oh-so lovable! This rebel scum is always stealing ships and hearts.

5. Cassian Andor

Yes. Cassian Andor is above Finn. Why? He's everything that Finn is but a bit more mature. He doesn't dismiss feelings but he won't let them get in the way of a job. He's strong, sincere, and brave. His facial expressions tell you exactly what he's thinking. He's almost too perfect.

4. Poe Dameron

This Resistance Pilot has an ARMY of Poe Hoes who would love to fly around in his cockpit. He would be so dedicated to you and would know how to treat you RIGHT. Also, how can you not fall in love with his adorable personality?? Bonus Points: You would share custody with BB-8 aka the galaxy's sweetest l'il droid!

3. Kylo Ren aka Ben Solo

Angsty and misunderstood. Kylo Ren, formerly Ben Solo, is one hunky evil guy (you can see he inherited his dad's good looks). He makes the dark side look REALLY good. Also, what a fighter! The only setback is that he would definitely have to attend anger management classes.

2. Han Solo

Ah yes. Han Solo. A smuggler, scoundrel, and a hero. What's not to love? He looks good even when he's stuck in carbonite and I'm sure if you dated him, he'd let you steer the Millennium Falcon. What. A. Guy.

1. Luke Skywalker

What did you expect? Luke Skywalker is the galaxy's golden boy and forever a heart-throb for fans everywhere. This man is the packaged deal: lover, fighter, Jedi. 10/10 would lose a hand for him.

There you have it! Who would you cross the galaxy for?

Cover Image Credit: The Walt Disney Company

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