Get your cards and cash ready because Walmart's newest Modern Gourmet product is hitting the shelves TODAY!

It's that time of the year when we have to bring out the winter apparel but all we want to do is turn up the heat. Walmart's newest product, Flavors of the World, can heat you up real nice for only $19.98! With multiple recipes coming from countries that are known for spicing things up, this is the best way to get that hot sauce loving friend of yours to jump with joy this holiday season.

We're all dipping into our stashes to find the perfect gifts for our loved ones. Some are easier to shop for than others, so we often turn to value packs of perfumes and shower accessories. But DON'T GIVE INTO THE CLICHE'. Spice things up in a hot and flavorful way by getting them this 30 pack hot sauce gift set from Walmart. It's your hot sauce addict friend's food-match made in heaven!

I mean, we all have that one friend or family member that's obsessed with eating spicy foods or putting Tabasco sauce on everything. This year, you better pull this out and tell them to put that Tabasco back on the shelf because you're about to give them the world!

The Walmart gift set includes hot sauces from all around the world, including Argentina, Jamaica, and Thailand.

Pro tip: Yes, you can get this on Amazon but why would you want to spend DOUBLE, all for the free premium shipping? Shop smarter, not harder, and go to Walmart now!!

I already made the pit stop for my hot sauce addicts, so you should too!