7 Fashion Trends That Are Hot Right Now
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7 Fashion Trends You Need To Start Following Immediately

It's called fashion. Look it up.

7 Fashion Trends You Need To Start Following Immediately

As I am currently avoiding the massive laundry list of things I need to get done this week and scrolling through Instagram, I started thinking of all the fun fashion trends that are hot right now. I compiled a list of all my current faves, along with some trends I just can't get behind. Now, get ready to waste more time and go shopping!

1. Barrettes


If you follow me on Snapchat, you know that I recently just purchased my first pair of barrettes. Well, my first pair in about 10 years. I'm not sure why, but I'm OBSESSED with this barrette trend. You can instantly make a drab outfit more fun with a cute barrette. Wear one or wear 10! The choice is yours. There are no rules when following this trend. And barrette is such a fun word to say. Like I said, I'm obsessed. I will be naming my first born child Barretté.

I got mine at Free People.

2. Animal Print


Can I just say, this trend has been a long time coming? Like, I was obsessed with animal print circa Snooki era. Before it was glam. Like, ratchet leopard print. But I still rocked it biiiiiitch. However, I must say this is a much better way to rock the cheetah print. Lose the bumpit, make it more glam.

3. Sneakers, All The Time


There is nothing you cannot pair with a fab sneaker. I loooove my Filas more than anything and I wear them probably more than I should. Leggings and a tee, jean shorts, a mini dress, literally anything. I know some people out there love to shit on my Filas saying they look like orthopedic shoes, but haters will always hate. Also, like, if he comes through with some Jordans, homeboys gonna like, get it.

4. Ski Goggle Glasses


Who doesn't love a good ski goggle moment? There's something about wearing a huge pair of "ugly" glasses that cover your entire face and making them ~fashion. Look, if Kim K is doing it, I'm in. Buy a pair here.

5. Biker Shorts


I know this trend has been going on for quite a while now, but I hope it never ends. I have been searching the internet for the perfect pair of black biker shorts to purchase and although I'm obsessed, I'm also nervous. Like, is this trend only for people who have a thigh gap? From my understanding, it's quite the opposite. Like, they're supposed to suck all the thigh fat in so you don't chafe like you do in normal short-shorts. Right? Someone please let me know. I'm trying to look fab but not like I have two sausage links for legs, ya know?

6. Slip Dresses


I need about 50 more slip dresses like these. They are so simple, yet so elegant. Plus, they look good on all body types. I'm currently loving them in a midi-style as well. It says, "I'm classy, but still like to hit the club," if you know what I mean.

7. Casual Chic


I LOVE FULL GLAM WITH SWEATPANTS. When will the world finally see that this trend is the future? Comfort, but make it fashion. Like, a full cake face of makeup, fake lashes and all, a snatched ponytail, and a crop top with sweatpants. Top it off with your Filas. Gorg.

8. Trends I'm Not Loving: Puka Shells

Free People

Huh? Why are these coming back? Like, I know Moana was an amazing movie and all, but like we don't need to start looking like her, ok? I went into Free People the other day and saw about 20 puka shell necklaces. I was immediately transported to the early 2000s. I was so confused.

9. Trends I'm Not Loving: Train Conductor Hats

This is the photo I am talking about. I shiver just thinking about it.

Sophia Guerra

Ok, so some people can really rock these. Like I have seen so many people look fab in their little conductor hats. For me, however, it's gonna be a no. The last time I wore one of these was in a Claire's in 2007 taking a selfie with a digital camera and I just cannot go back.

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