12 Animated Characters That Got Me Feeling Some Type Of Way

I really don't care what anyone has to say. There are just some animated characters that have been created over the years that have stolen my heart. Although some might not even be human, they are absolutely beautiful. No one can tell me otherwise because these animated boys got me feeling some type of way.

1. Flynn Ryder

This list isn't in any particular order, but Flynn Ryder is definitely number one.

2. Simba

If I could transform him into a real person, I would. Simba is a total lady killer with GREAT hair.

3. Balto

This guy is so underrated. Although this movie is from 1995, it doesn't mean Balto isn't absolutely beautiful. He risks his life to save diseased people like not only would he be a beautiful person, he's compassionate too.

4. Fred

Fred's been around for awhile and his beauty has survived various versions of the show. Whatever Fred lacks in intelligence, he sure does make up for in looks.

5. Prince Eric

He's a prince. He lives by the ocean. He knows how to sail. AND he has a dog. This beautiful man is the entire package. Just look at him.

6. Peter Pan

Here's to never growing up, am I right? Peter Pan is the kind of guy that's always down for some adventures and who doesn't want that?

7. Danny Phantom

His theme song says it all. Walks through walls? Disappears? And flies? What a guy.

8. David

He's not just a surfer boy with a big heart. He deals with the fact that Nani HAS AN ALIEN AS A PET. Talk about goals.

9. The Crimson Chin

He's a hunk. That is all.

10. Andy (in Toy Story 3)

Talk about a freaking glow up! Toy Story 1 and 2 did NOT prepare me for the beauty I would witness once Andy went to college.

11. Aladdin

There's just something about the bad boys! Aladdin doesn't just steal from markets on the streets, but he steals your heart too.

12. The Beast (when the curse was lifted)

NO ONE expected him to transform into a straight hottie. Belle completely lucked out.

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