10 Horror Movie Cliches That Will NEVER Die
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10 Horror Movie Cliches That Will NEVER Die

Movies don't create psychos...

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Horror movies are great, especially during the Halloween season. Although each horror movie can have its own plot, there are some tropes in ALL of them that will never go out of style and we will never get sick of.

Girl trips over nothing in the woods/house

How many times have we watched a girl trip while running away from the killer? To be honest, it would be easy to trip over your own feet while running from the killer.

White family moves into a possessed house

This is a trope that needs to calm down. How many movies were made with a big, white family who moves into a haunted house? The mother or kid gets possessed, a priest dies and they are saved in the end.

The black guy dies first

This will be a trope that will be forgotten soon. Times are changing and African American protagonists are living longer! Yay for new decisions!

We've all got a stereotype

Are you the jock? The mean girl or even the shy one? A lot of old school horror movies categorize the characters as if they were The Breakfast Club.

Sex equals death

Yet again, this is one that comes from the old school films. This doesn't apply too much anymore but it really should. Then again, our kill count would drop quick.

Hello? Is anyone there?

Please stop calling out to the air when there is a killer in the house. Clearly, if the place looks dead, it is. Don't call out because you will get killed in two seconds.

The killer is mentally disturbed

Plot twist! I'll admit that this is one that I truly love. How many times do one of the killers seem normal but deep down had a rooted problem? This is a good tactic that is always a surprise.

Every redneck you meet is a cannibal or murderer

Wrong Turn is a prime example. Not everyone from the South eats people. Not everyone from a southern state is inbred. Lastly, not every redneck at a gas station should be suspicious.

Let's split up, gang!

Thanks to Fred Jones, we've learned a valuable lesson. Never split up from your group because the killer will target you. This is actually true though, it's easier to attack separate rather than a group.

Hey, my car won't start!?

How convenient that the car stopped right as the killer shows and the characters need to make a getaway. This always happens, so how about just stick to running next time?

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