You're young, single and ready to mingle. Don't you think it would also be nice to find you're forever person. Yeah it might be fun going out and flirting with members of the opposite sex but where is that going to leave you at the end of the night? Is flirting with a stranger gonna give the same warm and fuzzy feelings inside as spending Saturday nights binge watching Netflix with your best friend/special someone does?

People make it seem like it's so easy to pretend not care, pretend not to have feelings, and like they want to just go out with a bunch of random. When that doesn't work, you just start swiping through Tinder to find some one hook-up with. Is hooking up with a bunch of strange men or women really going to give you a since of fulfillment in your life? Or are you just filling the void within yourself by having sex with someone that you don't actually completely know and love.

What's so wrong about sharing your feelings with another person? Is it scary? Of course. Going from being a stranger with someone to trusting them with every little bit of your life can be terrifying. But there's no better rush and natural high that you get from falling head over heels for someone. Tell me, can you get that high from you random Tuesday night hook-up? I bet that you don't.

You know what the best thing is about being in a relationship? It means you always have someone to "hook-up" with. You can go out, get drinks with your significant other, exchange some kisses at the bar, and then you get to go home with one another. You have someone that will be by your side through every moment of the night. From the first drink to the end of the night when your in his t-shirt getting ready to go to sleep. You have someone to explore the world with, adopt fur babies with, binge watch Netflix or Hulu with. You have someone to spend the rest of your life with. What could possibly be better than that?

How could someone not want that? How could someone rather hooking up with strangers over "hooking up" with the person that you love? I bet having sex with someone that you know and love is better than any one-night stand. If there's no emotional tie to the sex, then how is it even sex worth having? We need to stop being so afraid of expressing our emotions and start being willing to share them with the person that we want to spend our forever with.