Honey, I'm Home
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Honey, I'm Home

All the great things about being home

Honey, I'm Home

The end of any year in college is always a bittersweet one. Despite the excitement of trading in classes and finals for sunscreen and flip flops, it's nearly impossible to leave school without thinking of everything you'll miss about school once you're home.

Sure, it's difficult to pause your life at school after nine months of building your life there. However, it's time to start looking towards these next three months and thinking about what they can offer. Besides, you have to make the most of your free time that won't be spent taking online classes or working at a job/internship. Here are seventeen things that make going home for summer the best:

1. Getting to reunite with all of your friends you haven't seen since the fall

The most bittersweet part of leaving college is leaving behind the friends you've made-- especially if you all live far away from each other. However, leaving one group of friends just means you're coming back to another one.

2. Spending excessive time with your pets

Much to students' dismay, there's little animal presence on college campuses. Coming home to see your pets is inarguably one of the things that college students look forward to most about the summer.

3. Eating all of your favorite snacks

Despite the amount of freedom that college gives you, nothing can prepare a freshman from realizing the inconvenience of not having a fully-stocked kitchen at all times. Not having a mom to help with grocery shopping is extremely inconvenient.

4. Road-tripping

Road-tripping is the epitome of a college student's idea of a 'summer adventure'. Whether you're going to visit your friends from school or going for the joy of the ride, road-tripping is a great way to spend your summer free time.

5. Spending as much time as you can in your bed

The transition from having your own room and bed to sharing a small, moldy room with another person--and all of both of your belongings-- is a difficult one. However, it's the prospect of getting to return to my own bed at home that keeps me going.

6. Going to the beach

As someone who spent her childhood on the water, moving to central North Carolina was a big step. Anyone who feels my pain knows that the first summer after college is one that will be spent at the beach.

7. Catching up on all of your favorite TV shows

One can only spend so much time outdoors, and that is what live streaming is for. Spend some rainy days this summer binge-watching your favorite shows that you've fallen behind on through the course of the school year.

8. Working and making that $$$$$

Depending on your job, a summer job can be a blessing and a curse. However, future you is going to love yourself in the fall for having worked so hard in the summer.

9. Hiking

Arguably the nicest season of the year, summer is meant to be spent outdoors. Hiking is one of the best ways to: 1. be outside, 2. be productive, and 3. stay active.

10. Going out to brunch

Having brunch is one of the easiest ways to catch up with friends and family who you haven't seen in very long. Not only do you get delicious food, but brunch is the perfect motivation to get out of your comfortable bed (as mentioned in #5).

Plus, after this is all done, you get to go right back to school and reunite with all of your friends.

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