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America — Before We Can Be Great Again, We Have To Do Better

You can be mad at me all you want, but President Trump is my least favorite person, and that is saying something.

America — Before We Can Be Great Again, We Have To Do Better

The America that Trump and his supporters want is not an America I want to be a part of.

Trump getting elected was not my favorite day. I remember thinking that he could never win, and America would never do that to itself. But, I was sadly mistaken and this man has been in office for a little over two years. I am over it and here is why.

Trump brings out the worst in everyone. I am not just talking about the Republicans — who, in my opinion, are obnoxious — but I am also talking about the Democrats, who are also obnoxious. I am a democrat, through and through. I believe in everything Trump goes against; there is not one thing I have ever agreed on with him.

Trump makes it okay to hate others, and that is not right. Trump encourages people to think discrimination and white supremacy is okay. He allows them to think that they are protected for being racist, homophobic, misogynistic, and among many other things. People think that because their president disrespects minorities, then it is okay for them to do so as well.

I don't understand what goes through people's minds when they say "build the wall" at people who are legal immigrants. Or, why they believe they can go into a cultural area and tell people to "go back where they came from." How is that even close to being okay? It is not. If I remember correctly, and you can correct me if I am wrong, but to the best of my knowledge, this did NOT happen as much when Obama was president.

Listen, Obama was not perfect, but he did not tolerate hate. He worked for minorities to be viewed as equal humans. He worked for the LGBTQ+ community in getting them equal rights. Obama was a president for the people, but I am not here to talk about him, so let us move on.

Trump, on the other hand, is not for the people. Trump is for the white, straight, rich males in the world. Trump is for white people and nothing else. The man has been blatantly racist, homophobic, rude to those with disabilities, sexist . . . should I go on?

Trump has been accused of more things than I can count, but the one I remember the most is sexual misconduct. How is this man still in office? How did we allow another man who was accused of hurting a woman into office? What does this say about our priorities and what we think about women?

It blows my mind that people can still support this man. For God's sake, he takes it to Twitter when something doesn't go his way. When something bad comes out about him he labels it as "FAKE NEWS." Trump, the only thing fake is your tan and the "compassion" you claim to have.

Now I have gone on and on about how much I dislike Trump, but let me tell you why I did this. I did this to make things clear to people who are unable to see what he is doing. He is trying to turn America and its citizens against one another because then, the president has complete power over what happens since citizens cannot choose how to help themselves.

I don't know if America will ever be the same after his presidency. We as Americans will have to rebuild what he tore down. We will have to make amends with the people in this country who he has hurt. We need someone who will be for the people. Someone who will bring social change, in a good way.

America needs someone who is not voted in just because they are a celebrity or have a ton of money. America needs to vote someone in who actually cares about the job they are taking on. This is the biggest job in the United States, and it should not be given to someone who is only here for himself.

We need change. We need diversity to be embraced not discouraged. We need to help our country and all of the people in it. We need to believe victims. We need to help them. We need to be a country that is there for our people.

"Make America Great Again" is stupid. America was never great, and the America that Trump and his supporters want is not an America I want to be a part of. I want to be a part of an America that is striving for change. An American based on love. An America that does not shut out the people who need it most.

Take this how you want it — agree to disagree — but please understand how hard it is to watch people be hurt by a man who only cares about himself. America, we need to do better.

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