Every year we create a list of "resolutions" that we wish to fulfill throughout the upcoming year. The list contains losing weight, eating healthy, getting jobs, making friends, etc. The lists never contains realistic, reachable, honest resolutions. So here you go, you go-getter you.

1. Waking up and falling asleep to social media.

Wake up, check Instagram. Eat breakfast, scroll through Facebook. Go to work, take a “snap” of how “busy” you are. Eat lunch, take a picture of half eaten salad and coffee just so you can be “artsy” on VSCO. Leave work, tweet about how hectic your day was. Eat dinner, Facebook live how incredibly “chill” your lifestyle is. Crawl in bed, read tweets for hours just so you can relive everyone’s “busy” days. The resolution is just to slow it down, not stop. Social media can be great, in small doses.

2. Stop being right about everything.

I find more and more that this is not just a “personality trait” that few people have. Actually everyone on this planet seems to think they are right about something. We are actually all extremely flawed and it would be nice to start realizing that.

3. Clean out your closet (aka Narnia).

I believe that everyone has their own “Narnia," and that is their closet. Well folks, it is time to spend an afternoon cleaning that sucker out. It is time to let go of the clothes you can’t fit in, shoes you have worn down, middle school diaries and your elementary school Halloween costumes.

4. Create better conversations with your family.

You know those family members that you love with every fiber in you, but you actually don’t know anything about them below surface level small talk? This resolution can be tough, if you are not a very outgoing person; but do you want to spend the rest of your life with this mediocre sense of relationship, or feel as if you could consider them one of your best friends? Break down those walls.

5. Budget.

40% wine, 20% groceries you don't eat, 20% food you shouldn't eat, 15% cosmetics and toiletries, and where does that other 5% go?? Wouldn’t it be nice to spend your money more wisely, so you end up with more extra money in the end? (That is how that works, right?)

6. For the love of God, be a little more creative.

Sit down, paint a picture. Sketch a scenery. Write a song. Play the guitar. Dance naked in your bedroom. Write a novel. Being creative is not simply just painting and drawing.

7. Learn how to eat less and workout more.

Finding the time to workout can be hard. Finding the time to workout and the will power to eat less is even harder. Ugh.

8. Small acts of kindness, everyday.

Now, this resolution can be harder than most, but the most rewarding. Sometimes when I am out and about, someone asks me “How are you today?” and my day goes from mediocre to actually really above average. Buy the customers food behind you in line (if you are not a poor college student), smile at strangers, help someone carry their belongings and simply just be a good human.

9. Stop worrying, or at least stop worrying about small things.

“My philosophy is if you worry, you suffer twice.” – J.K. Rowling.

Happy New Year.