5 Honest Ways To Make Love True
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5 Honest Ways To Make Love True

Men can fake orgasms too. It's called getting blue balls.

5 Honest Ways To Make Love True

Love is a word thrown around so much we start to believe it can soar. All too often, love falls flat against our best efforts and intentions. The feeling is both abstract and concrete, sometimes strange. Depending on how you look at love, the experience can leave you bitter or better than you were before. But to make and keep true love, do these X honest things.

1. Flirt with caution.


Flirting keeps the fire burning, but playing with fire will get you burned. Instead of leaning in when it gets too hot, feed the flame. That is, if you are going to flirt, give it meaning. Flirting with no relation or connection is as bad as lying. There is push and pull with a flirtatious tease. A flirt is like a backhanded compliment that does not sting, but tickles. Keep the receiver guessing and try to make it flattering in the end.

2. Talk and walk.


Actions speak louder than words. Words, of course, supply those actions. Put both in sync and you have yourself an honorable, clear path. When words are not enough, do the right thing. When you do all that you can, do some more. Keep your word, make your words understood, match them with good deeds, and you will never be wrong. What is important is being transparent and consistent with the relationship and with who you are.

3. Small gestures, heavy-lifting.


You have heard of splitting it fifty-fifty. When it comes to relationships, it is one-hundred-one-hundred. Take notice of the little things and perform the necessary sacrifices. Between each other, there should be equal give and take. Compromises are suppose to benefit both you and your partner. Even the smallest gesture can be the heaviest one. Make sure that both of you are doing your part.

4. Detox, delete, debunk.

Couple Taking Picture · Free Stock Photo


Our digital footprint belongs to an amorphous foot. There is no telling who someone is or how someone feels based on photos alone. Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but are they telling the truth? Reset your online presence. Get rid of the baggage and toxic people in your life. Forgo trends, hashtags, and living conformed cliches. You do not need to prove to the world your relationship exists with a selfie. What matters is you, your partner, and your relationship. Anything that gets in the way of that does not belong with you two.

5. Cut to the chase, but don't run.


Let your intentions be known in an indirect way. Nothing too vague or ordinary, but something that adds value to the relationship. If you are going into a brand new relationship, you could start by saying how he or she was so attractive, you had to say hi. Always take things slow to see where you both stand. Intentions should show interest too. If you treat each other right, you might see yourselves "treating each other right," if you catch my drift.

What are you waiting for Harry? Go meet Sally!

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