Honest Bid Day Expectations

Honest Bid Day Expectations

Is bid day really the best day?


If you know anyone in a sorority, like myself, you've probably heard them say, or seen an Instagram caption, "bid day, best day." However, as a new member is bid day really all it's cracked up to be?

Personally I really trust the recruitment process, but I also don't really want to ever go through recruitment again. I did it and it worked out amazingly for me and gave me some of my closest friends, but it's not an experience I would do again.

While you're rushing it's all leading up to the excitement that is bid day.

I didn't really know what to expect from bid day, but everyone was really hyping it up. By the time bid day was here I was honestly more excited to be done with recruitment than anything else.

As I patiently awaited the envelope telling me which house I was about to become apart of, there was a lot of nerves. Part of me still wasn't convinced I'd even get a bid, and it didn't help that after a couple hour delay I was the last person in my room to receive her envelope.

However, once I made it to the designated room for all my house's new member, the place where we all got our t-shirts before running over to the house, I was elated when I saw someone I knew.

Honestly, if I didn't see a friend there I think this day would have been very different.

Once we arrived at the house I was overwhelmed. There were so many new faces and I only recognized a few from recruitment, but there was still a part of me that felt like it all made sense. Yeah, I know very cheesy, but as the Philly fan in me says "Trust The Process" #TTP.

Anyways there was a lot of good food and music and cute decorations. Our bid day happened to fall on Super Bowl Sunday so I appreciated the fact it was football themed…but unfortunately all the decorations were blue and red, where was the black and green for the Eagles (who ended up winning…just saying).

I finally started to mingle and talk to some other people and felt like maybe this could work. Although, there was still a big part of me that was confused and overwhelmed. I only knew one other person here and the shy side of me wasn't really sure this was a good idea.

Not to mention, I didn't have any clue what to expect from a new member process, or really what type of commitment this house would be. Regardless, I knew there was a big part of me that was excited to find out. And the 100s of Instagram and Facebook request and a parting goodie-bag didn't hurt either.

Now to be fair, I've only experience bid day from the new member side.

The side where you don't know anyone, don't know what to wear and don't know what's happening. Now as an initiated sister I'm actually really excited for bid day. After two-weekend-long recruitment I know it's gonna be the perfect way to celebrate with my sisters. Not to mention as someone who wants to take a little this semester, I can't wait to meet all our new members.

I now know how much work goes into the other side as well. It's given me a different appreciation of the whole process, so it makes sense why ending it with a giant celebration is so special. Also, I have to admit I'm pretty excited for this year's bid day theme, it's going to be amazing.

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10 Ellie Schnitt One-Liners Every Girl In Her 20s Needs To Hear

From Sorority Girl Twitter to voice of reason real quick.


As some of you right now probably is, there once was a day I too had no idea who Ellie Schnitt was. Now she one of my all-time favorite people; and we've never even met.

In 2018, she seemingly appeared overnight on everyone's Twitter timeline. Now she's living up every current Odyssey writer's fantasy by creating content for Barstool Sports straight out of school. While some dismiss Ellie as "everything wrong with Twitter" simply for tweeting her daily thoughts, I think she's vital to the platform.

In this day and age, it's hard to be a female, especially one in their 20s. There are expectations, disappointments, laughs and tears. Now more than anything we ladies need to a have a voice in the void looking out for us and letting us know it's OK to feel how we feel because we're not alone.

Here are some one-liners every twenty-something needs to hear by another twenty-something who just gets it.

1. When you're having trouble accepting that your feelings are valid.

Let's face it, the world would be a much better place if we were just honest with everyone about what we REALLY want out of life.

2. When the world is trying to convince you that being "selfish" is a negative trait. 

Ladies, it's time we stop considering being selfish as something to be ashamed of. Sure, there are certain circumstances, but learning how to put your own needs first is part of being successful.

3. When you need a quick reality check.

Part of learning how to be selfish also involves learning when and where to be selfish. There are times when you come first, but there are also times when you need to be a pillar of support for someone else, it's only fair.

4. When men try to knock you down a peg but it's 2019.

Highlighter in 2019 is the equivalent of belly button rings and low rise jeans in the mid-2000s, if you've got it, then rock it.

5. When you feel like you never even left undergrad and life feels strangely familiar.

Despite what your Facebook and Instagram feeds seem to be telling you, it's OK not to have your life completely together directly after undergrad. Sometimes it takes a year )or a few) to know exactly what you want to do with your life, that's exactly what your 20s are for.

6. When you start to question how much you should put up with.

Why deal with someone more than you have to? Sometimes the bare necessities is all you need.

7. When you need more some self-love than usual. 

Snap a selfie when you're having a really good makeup day, heck, post it while you're at it even though you just posted a pic yesterday. Take some nudes solely for the reason to admire yourself in them, it's OK to feel yourself in 2019.

8. When you're trying to explain that you HAVE closure but also kinda don't.

You know when you're scrolling through Instagram and you see the man who was never really your man suddenly eloped with his girlfriend of five minutes and you're still having wine nights with your dog? Yeah, this describes exactly how that feels.

9. Sometimes, we all still need even more reassurance than we thought we did. 

But in the end, that "break-up" with your man that was never your man helped you grow into the person you are today. Heartbreak and all, you've grown stronger through it all.

10. And most importantly, when you need to remind yourself what the real issues in life are.

Like I said, you're in your 20s You're allowed to have fun and enjoy yourself, and most importantly scam men for free alcohol.

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Real Greek Sisterhood Is Nothing Like What You See In The Movies

My year has been filled with genuine people and exciting things.


This year, I was lucky enough to run home to Kappa Alpha Theta on bid day, with 130 other girls in my same boat. That day was a blur — throwing on our colors, meeting our 300+ other sisters, and getting on a bus to go to Bham for a retreat — yet it still feels like yesterday. Well, yesterday was eight months ago, and so much has happened since that little, clueless freshman ran to the steps of Bryant Denny. I've gotten to experience what sisterhood in a sorority is and it's impacted my life for the better.

No, it's not like the fake sorority sisterhoods in the movies. It's nothing like that at all. It's real friendships that are going to last more than just the four years were in college. It's genuine people and long fun nights and people there to pick you up when you've fallen down. In fact, one phrase that my friends and I use sums up what our friendships here are like.

What is sisterhood to me? Sisterhood is…

Long, music-filled car rides to unknown locations. Easter Sunday, my friends and I came up with the random idea of making a fun video, so we drove around until we found this beautifully set train track, and cold "not-mountain-runoff" creek.

Lauren and I on the railroad tracks we found on EasterCourtesy of Elizabeth Gainey

Getting ready for swaps and date parties. Always in 508, the "party dorm," the best dorm. Picking out outfits, dancing to fun music, and just getting to be with my friends is always a fun time.

My friends and I getting ready for Theta's formalCourtesy of Elizabeth Gainey

A friend to bring you to DCH, and then the Health Center when I finally convinced her it was NOT an emergency. Random stomach pain isn't the best, but my friends who make me see a doctor and are willing to sit with me in a waiting room are.

Girls weekends. Have you ever been a tourist in your own city? I was when I brought a group of my friends down to NOLA for Mardi Gras. And, due to some canceled events, we got to stay a little bit longer for a weekend that we didn't want to end.

My group of friends in front of the Tulane Theta house during our Mardi Gras trip.Courtesy of Elizabeth Gainey

Impromptu day trips to other colleges. Sydney, Haven, and I decided last minute we wanted to go to the Ole Miss game. We didn't have tickets and we weren't even packed. We got there at 3 p.m., ended up at the game somehow, and, after a long series of events and nowhere to stay, drove back to TTown at 2 a.m.

Having a shoulder to cry on when everything just seems to be going wrong. They're there for you at your best and worst.

Studying with you until 2 in the morning for that engineering exam that you just have to pass. While my friends are all in different majors, sometimes it's nice to just have someone there for you to make sure you're on top of your game.

Sisterhood is.


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