Peace Out Homestate, I'm Not Gonna Miss You

It's where I'm from, but it's not where I'm meant to stay;_type=freeℑ_id=9514753342751390136

This may have been the state where I grew up, the place where my friends and family live, but it is not where I'm meant to be and for that reason, I'm not sad to leave.

For almost six months now I've been planning to move out of my home state and let me just say as time goes by I feel more at peace and content with my decision.

Which that isn't normally how I am, I don't plan stuff ahead, I stress out and made decisions last minute weighing every single pro and con first. Even after that sometimes I don't even make an actual decision, I just wait until it's made for me or I stress myself out over what could go wrong and just abandon the thought of change.

I am made the decision to move seven hours away from this place I called home for the longest time and I could not be happier about it.

Ever since I moved back to Missouri, I have dealt with extremely toxic and controlling family members and have been kicked down in about every way possible.

Just in these past six months I have went from nearly not having anywhere to live, to losing my car, losing a job I loved, switching to a job I hated, nearly losing my dog, losing two high school friends, selling my soul and working at my families company, been stolen from, and have even had my identity stolen twice, and that's all on top of the health problems I moved back here to deal with.

This past six month has been the worst of my life, but only better things can come next, or that's what I keep telling myself anyway.

I'm moving back to Indiana, not only can I get a fresh start, but I can live in peace without all the toxicity.

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