I can honestly say, my mom is a chief. She makes anything from chicken to pork to beef taste good. I have no idea how she does it. BUT this dining hall food sucks. I just can't wait to taste her home-cooked meals again. So, mom, when are you coming to visit me?

1. Grilled BBQ chicken 


Summer where you at?

2. Duck

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Some much flavor packed into one little bird.

3. Green bean casserole 

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It's healthy right? Totally not but thats what makes it good.

4. Peanut butter pie

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Peanut butter... chocolate... graham cracker crust... YUM.

5. Lasagna 

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Who doesn't love lasagna?

6. Thanksgiving dinner

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My cravings are so high right now...

7. Homemade cookies 

Everyone's favorite: Chocolate chip cookies.