It's Homecoming at UCM

Autumn has finally arrived. Cold air, bonfires, and lets not forget the best holiday ever...HALLOWEEN!

October makes my heart full (minus all the pumpkin flavored shit, don't stereotype me). But the leaves are changing color, and campus is looking beautiful.

This also means that it's Homecoming!

Though there isn't a lot to do with Homecoming, there are a few favorites of mine that I would like to share with you.

1. Free Items

All week long, fraternities and sororities are lined up the quad giving free items to those who wish to participate in the voting of Homecoming King and Queen. This means free swag for yourself. To gain this, just talk to those at particular booths and let the 'try' and persuade you into voting for the candidate. This is giving them hope, and getting you free sodas, candies, shirts, accessories, etc. But don't forget to vote, you do have a say in this election. (I'm a punny person, deal with it).

2. Football Game

You walk up the the gates of the stadium and all you see in stands is a red and black ocean and the streets. The homecoming parade is over and everyone is heading to the field. Students, parents, teachers are all in the stands cheering on the team to get this win. Tailgating happening in its' designated spots around campus. Everyone is having a great time. It's homecoming, so they are expected to win, basically. Whilst getting ready for the game itself, you are excited, adrenaline pumping through your veins. You sit and wonder why homecoming is such a big deal. It's al just people standing around yelling at another person to tackle someone and get a ball onto the other side of a field. Yet, it isn't the game itself , it's the atmosphere that you are around. You're around one huge family full of relatives that you don't even know. That's the point of homecoming, bringing people together.

3. Aftermath

After the game, whether win or lose, they is always some party that you can wind up getting yourself to. Whether you are alone (which I do not recommend at all, jesus no) or if you're with close friends, you will always make a rememberable night out of it. (Please realize that you don't need alcohol to have fun, you can have fun clearly without involving anything illegal into your system). What I do to have fun after homecoming is having a movie night afterwards. It always ends up being a blast because I'm around people who care for me. Other people may go the whole extra mile and get completely obliterated (Breakfast of Champions) but you don't have to do that. (Also, you have to be 21 to participate in that kind of thing).

Either way, homecoming is a great way to celebrate your time here at college. Be safe, be smart, and be a Mule!

Happy Autumn, Happy October, and Happy Homecoming!

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