When I say the word "home," what do you think of? Is it that farm you grew up on? Maybe the dorm you live in now? Or maybe home is a person, but what is home?

Since moving to college, which is five hours away from everything I have ever grown up with, I have developed this thing of calling my place at Huntington University, my home. Some would argue that it isn't my home because I won't stay here for a long time. But to me, a home is where you live and where you find yourself being able to relax on the worst days.

My family, back in Ohio, is also my home. I grew up in a tiny town where everyone knows everyone and then everyone knows everyone's papaw. This is a feeling of home as well. A place where everyone has each other's back and you can trust someone to help even when it may not be their problem.

Home can also be a person. Some people say that their significant other reminds them of home because of the safety and security they give. I never really understood this because home seems to be a place that provides. Maybe I just haven't found the home they speak of.

So let me ask, what do you think home is? Is it a place or a person, or maybe just where your heart is?

My home is where my family is, where I keep my memories and my love. And wherever my mother and sisters are is my home.