With less than three weeks to go before Holy Cross Students embark on their journey to spend between one and two semesters with a host family in A Coruña, Spain, the students are left wondering, “Where are our host families?”

Well the study abroad office has good news for those students; they have finally remembered that the move in date is next week, and they are taking fast action to find host families in that window of time. In fact, in an email they sent to the Holy Cross students just yesterday, they wrote, “After going door to door holding out pictures of each of your faces, just desperately begging some of them to take you, I am pleased to inform you that several of you will have housing for the upcoming year. For the rest of you we will need to be slightly creative. The options are as follows: in the email I have attached a list of bridges that will be most comfortable to sleep under, you may also choose to sleep under the stars on one of the many beaches, and finally, you can find a nice bed in a homeless shelter, but be sure to appear starved when you show up!”

They followed up this pronouncement by saying that they will continue to search for housing, but the students should still plan to promptly arrive on the date specified. Further in the email they stated, “We are not sure why so many families are unwilling to sign up with us. We will issue the statement again, saying, please, please take these students, we really don’t know what to do with them anymore.”

The Holy Cross students could not be happier with this news. One student responded by saying, “This whole process has been so smooth anyway that I am willing to give the study abroad office some leeway with this issue. Besides, they seem to be handling it the way I would in their position.”