Finding Holiness During The Wickedness
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Finding Holiness During The Wickedness

No matter what religion or how spiritual you are, preserve the holiness in holy week, and remember that your quarantine is indeed a luxury.

Finding Holiness During The Wickedness
Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Passover starts today and Easter's this Sunday. It's hard to believe that the holiest week of the year is the expected apex of deaths from COVID-19. The cruel irony is a necessary wakeup call. As we strive to flatten the curve against the invisible enemy, we also have a duty to practice the power of grace amidst the wickedness.

Pay your dues with prayer

Try to take a break from Skype City, at-home workouts and quarantine walks to make time for the spirituality we've all been neglecting. This is the most sacred, yet predictably most tragic week of the year. We often forget how prayer can shine beams of hope on even the darkest situations.

And selflessness

Besides offering our faith and grace, we can play our parts from the comfort of our quarantines. For those of us who aren't healthcare workers saving lives on the frontline, we have an obligation to give back. We can donate money, non-perishables, blood and do virtual volunteer work. Do it for the soul and do it for the cause. Our selflessness could save lives.

Faith wins against fear

Faith always wins against fear. A reminder for when we catch ourselves drifting away from our spiritual lives during the pandemic. For when the news resembles a scary movie more and more each day (I have to prepare my body for the heart palpitations David Muir's World News Tonight gives me). For the lost souls, the warrior souls fighting their sickness, and the pure souls of healthcare workers who are all face to face with the invisible enemy.

No matter what religion or degree of spirituality you are, preserve the holiness in holy week, and remember that your quarantine is indeed a luxury. Don't waste it.

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