Corny Christmas keeps the world right
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7 Holiday Movies You Need To See NOW To Get You In the Spirit

Oh corny Christmas movies, where would we be without you?


We all have those Christmas weaknesses. For some, it may be Christmas music before Thanksgiving or making everything glittery (in the spirit of Christmas). But for some of us, it's the super corny (yet addicting) Christmas movies that Hallmark and now Netflix use to suck us down a deep hole and distract us from all the papers and exams we have before going home for break. (I'm not speaking from personal experience, of course.)

Here are a few Christmas movies that I may or may not have seen to this date, that others who love these movies need to see as well. Did I mention they're all conveniently available on Netflix? Enjoy!!

The Christmas Prince 

"The Christmas Prince" is about a reporter named Amber who goes into the kingdom of Aldovia to uncover the truth about Prince Richard. When she is discovered roaming through the castle, she pretends to be a tutor for the young Princess Emily. As the movie goes on, she comes to realize who Prince Richard really is and they begin to fall in love.

The Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

Okay little spoiler alert, but if you know anything about these cheesy movies, there's a 100% guarantee they fall in love!! So yes, now Queen-to-be Amber and King Richard (When did he turn into a king you ask? Watch the movie and your questions will be answered, duh.) are getting ready for the big wedding! There are some sticky situations that occur throughout the movie, one in which results with the queen-to-be going missing *gasps.* But you'll have to watch to see all of the wonderful Christmas drama in the kingdom of Aldovia.

The Spirit of Christmas 

Okay, this one was out of the box for Lifetime... But even ghosts can have love right?

Kate goes to a haunted bed and breakfast in hopes to get it appraised and sold in just 3 weeks. However, things get messy when she meets the ghost, Daniel. At first Kate's in denial he exists, blah blah blah, the usual stuff. But then! *plot thickens* She tries to find out why David can't leave the estate so she can finish her job and go back to her life. Kate learns Daniel was murdered and wants to know by who and why? Throughout the movie, as they try to find the killer with only 12 days until Christmas to do so, Kate and Daniel possibly catch slight feelings for each other, which makes things complicated...

The Christmas Chronicles

This movie is less romance and more of a cute, heartstring tugger, family Christmas movie that Netflix gave us this holiday season. And it stars Kurt Russell as Santa, to boot! Siblings Kate and Teddy Pierce attempt to capture Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. Then the kids choose to help Santa save Christmas, with many funny twists.

The Princess Switch 

Vanessa Hudgens does it again. Corny movies that get you hooked for nearly two hours is this woman's specialty.

Stacey is a baker from Chicago who runs her own bakery. After a messy breakup, she isn't ready to find love again. Her best friend Kevin and his daughter Olivia enter her in a baking contest in Belgravia, which Stacey wins and travels to Belgravia for her reward. There, Stacey meets a woman who looks identical to her: Lady Margaret Delacourt, the Duchess of Montenaro. The Duchess asks Stacey to switch places so she can better understand her people before she takes her place on the throne of Belgravia. Things get messy when Stacey falls in love with the Prince and Lady Margaret falls in love with Kevin.

Christian Mingle 

Ad executive Gwyneth Hayden has had trouble finding "the one," so she uses Christian Mingle to help. However, before joining this site, Gwyneth hadn't been to church in years. She actually buys a Bible and "Christianity for Dummies" book to help her quickly learn about God. Through Christian Mingle, Gwyneth meets Paul.

This "pretending to be religious" plan backfires after the couple begins to fall in love. Paul finds the books, and when Gwyneth explains she only regained faith once she met him, they break up. After returning to her normal life, Gwyneth decides to quit her job because it doesn't feel right anymore....Now will they reunite? Will this be the one movie that doesn't end with love or a wedding?

Holiday Baggage 

Sarah and Pete had a lovely life together...until Pete cheated on her. Sarah kicks Pete out of her and their two daughters' lives. The two don't officially get divorced, however. Both Sarah and Pete end up in new relationships. When Pete wants to get married to a woman so young, she could be his daughter, Sarah agrees to sign the divorce papers as long as he recreates a relationship with their daughters. But things don't go as expected when Pete and Sarah are reminded of how great they were together. Will they continue living with their new partners? Will they ignite the old flame?

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