5 Holiday Gift Ideas
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1. Pictures in a Frame: There are many different ways that someone could go about framing a photograph. I find that some of the most meaningful gifts that I have ever received are simply framed pictures of a time that I like to remember with someone that I care about. Even more specific are decorative frames that are handmade. This is especially easy for children trying to create a simple and inexpensive gift for parents or grandparents.

2. Jewelry: This could be indicative of several things. If you are looking to spend a lot of money, buying expensive jewelry might be the way to go. However, I am personally a saver, not a spender. I've made several friendship bracelets and necklaces over the years that have sufficed just as well as an expensive necklace from the store. Often, the time it takes to make something means more than spending a lot of money on something for someone.

3. Candy: When in doubt, sweets are the way to go. Simply remembering someone's favorite candy and getting for them means more than guessing at what someone is going to like. It's hard to go wrong with food of any kind as long as you know that the person you intend to give it to actually likes it.

4. Books: This is such an overlooked item that is on almost every single friend's want list. Books are a great way to connect with someone. Sharing your favorite book with someone else is not only a great way to create meaningful conversation, but it shows that you'd like to talk about your interests. Also, finding a book for a friend that they may like let's them know that you have payed attention and can reasonably conclude what they may be interested in reading.

5. Finally, the long awaited letter: I have struggled with this the most over the years. It's not easy to let your guard down and let your friends and family know how important they are to you, but receiving a letter that makes you feel loved and cared for goes beyond the power of any object. At the end of the day, we are all human. We want to be shown or affirmed with words and actions that we matter to the people that matter to us. A letter is a great way to show how much you care for someone if you're able to overcome the fear of saying the things you feel. It's my most rewarding gift to receive and to give to others.

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