Last week, season 12 of the Bachelorette ended when Dallas Real Estate Developer Jojo Fletcher accepted the proposal of former NFL quarterback Jordan Rogers. As ashamed as I am to admit it, I am having some serious withdrawals from watching Jojo find her perfect man. Since I've also recently been reading Harry Potter, naturally, I decided to sort Jojo and some of my favorite contestants into the various Hogwarts houses: Griffyndor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff.

Jojo Fletcher: Griffyndor

It takes a fairly large amount of courage to subject your dating life to national television, not only once but twice. Jojo made it clear that she values chivalry, especially during her conversation with Jordan during the finale, in which she became very upset that he did not ask her father’s permission to propose. Jojo was brave enough to share her feelings with all of America for 10 weeks (plus the other 10 weeks from her time on the Bachelor), which earns her a spot in Griffyndor.

Jordan Rogers: Slytherin

I did not get the world’s best vibe from Jordan Rogers, and personally felt that he was not completely honest about himself or his past with Jojo. Jordan is an ambitious guy and immediately worked to become one of the frontrunners (which he did by receiving the first impression rose).

Robby Hayes: Slytherin

Robby definitely had a lot of drama surrounding him, especially in the last few episodes of the show. While he repeatedly denies that he broke up with his girlfriend to go on to the show, many wonder if he was being completely honest. I personally felt that Robby may have used some cunning methods to attempt to win Jojo’s heart.

Luke Pell: Ravenclaw

Hometowns. The heart made of flowers surrounded by candles. Enough said. Clearly Luke is a very creative guy and went outside of the box, especially on his hometown date, to try to win Jojo’s heart. He graduated from West Point with degrees in engineering and psychology, so clearly he is not just eye candy, either.

James Taylor: Hufflepuff

My favorite James moment was when he stuffed 20 fries into his mouth in hopes to impress Jojo. He’s not a very athletic guy and he did not try to pretend to be someone he wasn’t on the athletic group dates; he was patient and waited for other opportunities to show Jojo how great of a guy he is.

Wells Adams: Ravenclaw

Wells’ live drunk snap story of the hometown episode was one of the funniest moments from Season 12, and it wasn’t even technically part of the show. Wells clearly has brains as well, because throughout his stint on the show he played up being the “normal guy” through his actions and personality, which won him a very loyal fanbase and a spot on the Bachelor in Paradise.

There you have it. I may not be the official Hogwarts Sorting Hat, but I think I'm pretty close.