Hobbies You'll Need To Get You Through Post-Grad Life
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Student Life

Hobbies You'll Need To Get You Through Post-Grad Life

Find something to fulfill yourself while you don't have kids.

Hobbies You'll Need To Get You Through Post-Grad Life
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Parts of this originally appear on my personal blog.

There's about to be a sudden new influx of recent grads being released out into the real word in only two short months.

You know what that means?

A bunch of people trying to figure out what to do now that they don't have exams to study for, papers to write and classes to attend.

The weirdest part, at least for me, about being out of college is actually having free time to do stuff and not have to worry about homework. I get up, I go to work, do my thing there and come home. I spend time with friends and family and I repeat each week. But, obviously, that sounds like life in an Ayn Rand novel so you've got to find a hobby to fill the void left by beloved college. Going out each night gets expensive (and your liver and waistband won't be too happy, either) and, chances are, your friends won't want to go out each night anyways.

So be a productive member of society and better yourself-- with a hobby!

1. Going to the gym

This is one area I have been seriously lacking after college. My final semester, I took a cross training class and got to try out all sorts of different exercises and classes and found some I really enjoy. Cycling? Love it! I want to do it every day! Water Aerobics? It's a workout without feeling like a workout-- until the next day. Zumba? Please kill me. Lifting weights? I used to think I hated it but I actually love it. Yoga? A fun time to be had by all. Step aerobics? I'd rather drown. I think part of the reason so many people don't go to the gym is because it can be so overwhelming and they have no idea where to start. Find a gym near where you work, take a free class/trial/whatever and see if you like it.

2. Crafting

One of my favorite things to do after I come home from work is to put Netflix on (some of you will end the sentence here) and start to crochet. Yes, I know it's a granny hobby and it's really dorky but I find it to be relaxing. There's something soothing about counting stitches and doing a slightly repetitive action with you hands. And guess what. If I wanted to, I could make money off this hobby. I could open an Etsy store and sell my handcrafted goods (but I always forget to go to the post office so that probably won't happen). But you don't have to crochet! You can paint, sew, make a color, make stained class, draw, watercolor, do woodworking, sculpt, interior decorate-- the possibilities are endless! Best part? You (might) have a real job now so you actually have the money to pursue some of these hobbies. Also, when you get too much of your product, you can give them as gifts. Not that I do that or anything.

3. Volunteering

Some people may have done this in their free time in college. I say good for them! But, if helping people is your passion, pick a cause and get out there in the community! Host a food drive, put on a 5k (or don't because everyone does a 5k for everything now) or even just volunteer at the local food bank and shelve some boxes. You'll feel good and be doing a greatly needed service for your community.

4. Start a Blog

This one isn't for everyone. It can be really hard to put yourself out there and open up in the form of writing. People want vulnerability in their bloggers-- they want to see the true persona! Or, at least feel like they're seeing the true persona of the person writing the blog. For some, vulnerability is scary. For others, they feed off it. Of course, your blog doesn't have to be about you but then you might need to find a hobby to write about.

Now shut up about #PostGradProblems and be a productive member of society. The only true post-grad problems is the crippling debt, inability to find a job and the grim reality of having to move in with your parents until you're 30.

So... congratulations Class of 2017?

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