While I was daydreaming in class and thinking about the function tonight (Strawberry Fields Forever), I couldn’t help but wonder if my life would be different if I was born in a different era.

The 1960s was filled with hippies, good music, and "make love, not war." They were rebellious and had different laws than we have today.Though there are a lot of differences between the generations, the resurface of hippies cannot be ignored.

Music Festivals - Hippies had Woodstock, one of the most famous music festivals ever. From Coachella in the West to Bonnaroo in the East, and countless others, music festivals have become a huge part of our culture. You get to experience a variety of artists over a couple days and make friends from all over the country. Even though they are expensive, it is worth it because you get to see 25+ performances. Maybe you’re broke like me and haven’t gotten to experience one yet, but there is a way you can get FREE TICKETS FOR LIFE at Coachella (If you can make it to Cali). Basically, decorate your car with “Carpoolchella” and crazy/cool designs. Park in the right spot, and the best gets picked! 

Politics - Our country faces several issues today that affect citizens across the country. Like today, people in the 1960s had a transition of societal norms. African-Americans were in the middle of a civil rights movement. Today, gay rights can be compared to that movement. Though it is not on the same scale, both parties experienced some type of oppression and we are both evolution generations. Both generations believed in a new and fair treatment of all people.    

 Wardrobe - Tie-dye, long skirts, and knit clothing all characterize fashion in the 1960s. They wanted to express their individuality and freedom. Our generation, like theirs, likes to express their uniqueness through their wardrobe. We have recently resurfaced many trends - crop tops, high-waisted shorts, bracelets. The hippie generation influenced many of our styles today. We might even see a flower headband here or there. 

Millennials have many traits that resemble the hippie’s lifestyle. Though there are evident differences in our generations, you can’t help but wonder if our culture will soon be looked upon like hippies are now.