Whether you're traveling frequently, looking to explore different facilities, searching for a health specialist, or you're just one extremely busy individual looking to stay in shape on-the-go, the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association's Blue365 deal "Fitness Your Way" is for you!

Fitness Your Way offers members unlimited daily access to more than 10,000 gyms as well as discounts on the services of about 40,000 health and well-being specialists nationwide for $29 per month. Participating gyms include select Anytime Fitness, Curves, Snap Fitness, Gold’s Gym, and YMCA locations.

This means that you're able to explore various gym chains nationwide AND receive discounts on certain massages, personal training and nutrition counseling sessions, yoga classes, aromatherapy, vitamins, organic products, and exercise equipment. With all of these perks, the membership comes at an extremely reasonable in price.

The only possible caveat I see is that the membership does not appear to include access to LA Fitness locations, and I know some people are loyal to that name. However, I believe a membership at LA is about the same cost, so switching to this plan may be more worthwhile. Additionally, the Fitness Your Way membership requires a three-month commitment and members must be 18 or older.

Personally, I work from different locations every day, so this membership is so helpful for me! I definitely think it's worth it— some workouts you just can't do at home. My Pennsylvania Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance is what makes me eligible. Maybe you're eligible too? It's worth looking into!
Use the Fitness Your Way Gym Locator to find participating gyms near your home, workplace, or wherever you may be today. Details may vary depending on the Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield Company you are affiliated with. For details on your personal Fitness Your Way deal, contact Blue365.