I'm Tired Of Being Told My Standards Are Too High
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I'm Tired Of Being Told My Standards Are Too High By People Whose Standards Are Too Low

You don't have to settle and you shouldn't.

I'm Tired Of Being Told My Standards Are Too High By People Whose Standards Are Too Low

There is no question that our generation has put a whole new spin on the dating scene.

The bar is on the ground for a lot of girls and I am in no way judging, but I think it's time we recognize it. I am guilty of being that girl sometimes, too.

I grew up with two parents who met at 15, fell in love, and got married after high school. They built this beautiful life together and I was blessed to witness how much they love each other. I understand things are different now with this generation, I really do, but I believe a love like this can exist in many ways.

So forgive me If I won't settle for anything less than a love like theirs. And neither should anyone else.

Ladies, a guy should hold the door for you. A guy should come to your door when picking you up for a date. I know this sounds crazy, like "guys like that still exist?" And I can tell you they do! On the first date, my friend's boyfriend walked up to her door. There was no "here" text and no "wanna meet me there." I must note that saying "here" isn't wrong once getting to know one another but there are certain standards to have on the first date. And if that doesn't surprise you he even met her mother and shook her hand. I mention this because it goes to show you that there are good guys out there. Some I have even met, too.

I believe if you have high standards then keep them! You, girl, have them for a reason.

Settling won't help a relationship grow. I believe being realistic is important too! I have expectations but also realize they might not always be met. Sometimes it takes time.

I wanted to end this by saying you are an amazing woman who is widely capable of many great things. So why would you be with someone who doesn't see that too? I have always heard the saying that "The person God sends you, you won't ever have to question their feelings or intentions for you." And I truly believe that.

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