High School The "Supposed To Be" Best Four Years

This is my first ever writing on here it might not be the best but I know I'll get better over time but for my first writing I'm writing something I know a lot about so I hope it's good for my first one.

I'm a sophomore in high school. They say that high school is supposed to be the best 4 years of your life, but in reality, it's not the best 4 years of your life. You're finding yourself and who your friends are. You're also trying to figure out what you want to become and what goals you truly have. High school these days isn't about who you truly are. It's about whether you can fit in or survive the stares and rumors. People divide people into all different kind of stereotypes and categories. That's what is really wrong with our teenagers today.

Teenagers don't realize the damage that they do to each other until it's too late or they get caught. Teenagers get depressed over this especially the ones that try to fit in, the ones that get bullied, the ones that only get attention when people need them, and the ones that get singled out. Kids need to stop judging people and putting them into stereotypes it's not helping our world at all it's just showing younger people to grow up and judge someone without knowing them. When I walked into high school I realized this isn't going to be easy everyone is divided and self-centered they only care about themselves and the people they bring along with them. High school people need to focus more on bringing each other together and not separating because it would be much more fun for people to get the actual "high school experience" if they didn't feel like someone was targeting them or staring them down, we high school people need to come together as one and not judge people based on the outside but we need to know what's on the inside first. People are always so quick to judge but we don't need to do that anymore.

High school really isn't the best 4 years of your life because you're figuring out a lot of things. The only way high school is going to be the best is if you make the most out of it. I think we need to set a better example in the world for high school kids and teenagers so that we can make high school a more enjoyable experience.

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