8 Things High School Seniors Need To Consider When Choosing Their Next 4 Years
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8 Things High School Seniors Need To Consider When Choosing Their Next 4 Years

It's finally that time!!

8 Things High School Seniors Need To Consider When Choosing Their Next 4 Years

As young people, we procrastinate. The second semester of your last year of high school is FINALLY here, but with making sure everything is done before you graduate, you get overwhelmed with the idea of choosing a college.

Maybe you were one of those people that got this done last semester so you can actually enjoy your last semester of high school. If that's you, yay!! This is for the people who have no idea what they want to do after high school. Choosing a college is stressful. It can be hard to consider all the factors while waiting for an acceptance letter. I didn't put much thought into it when I chose a college because I knew I wanted to start out close to home, but I regret that now.

So, here are 8 factors to consider when choosing your home for the next four years.

1. Make sure you choose your college for the right reasons.

You'll be spending four plus years of your life here. Don't choose it because of the party scene or because the campus is pretty. Make sure it is somewhere that you will be happy.

2. The cheaper the better.

I know money isn't everything, but the less student loans you take out, the better. If you have the opportunity to go to a community college for a couple of years for free, do it!!

3. Choose a school that is strong in your major.

(That being said, if you're not set in stone and you feel as if you may change your major, don't sweat this one as much)

4. Campus size.

If you're someone who is more introverted and doesn't like large groups of people (me), maybe choose a smaller campus (should have). But if you would like to get out of your comfort zone, go for it!!

5. Location.

Don't feel pressured to go somewhere far away from home if that's not something you want to do. Some people love their hometown and prefer to be close, and some don't. Do what you're most comfortable with.

6. It doesn't have to be permanent.

While it may be a pain in the ass, you can always transfer if you decide it's not for you. As long as all of your credits transfer, it's really not a big deal!! I'd rather go through the trouble of transferring than stay and be miserable.

7. Don't consider the "name".

The reputation of the college may be great and all, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's for you. A college education is a college education, no matter where it's coming from.

8. Choose a place you actually fall in love with.

It's a lot easier to get up in the morning when you're not going to a place you hate.

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