26 Ways In Which High School Is Like The Entertainment World
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26 Ways In Which High School Is Like The Entertainment World

Some high school students act like celebrities.


Some high school students act like celebrities. High school is a great setting for those who want to work in the entertainment world or for those who want to become a celebrity because they can experience how life is like in the entertainment world.

1. High School Students Wanting Fame & Attention Like Some Celebrities. Some Get Jealous Of Other High School Students Like Some Celebrities.

2. High School Students Bringing High School Movies or Archetypes into High School

3. Social Media: Getting Lots of Likes and Hate Comments Like Some Celebrities

4. Social Media: What You Post Becomes Tomorrow's Gossip or Scandal. This Happens To Celebrities As Well.

5. High School Students Appear To Be Happy When They Are Not Happy In High School & Social Media Posts. Celebrities Are Like That, Too!

6. Reporting An Injustice In High School To The Media Is Like Reporting An Injustice In The Entertainment Industry On The Media

7. The Popular Student Being Nice To Cool People And Being Mean To Uncool People Makes Him or Her That Type of Celebrity

8. The Mean Student Is Who High School Students Would See As The Mean Celebrity

9. Some High School Students Not Getting Along With Each Other Like Some Celebrities That Do Not Get Along in Real Life

10. Some High School Students Making Drama In High School Like Some Celebrities

11. The On and Off High School Couples Are Like The Famous On and Off Couples

12. High School Athletes Gaining Fame And Recognition Just Like Famous Athletes. Their Sports Games Are Like The Sports Games On TV.

13. High School Students Attending Parties Every Day Like Some Celebrities

14. High School Students Yelling Back At Teachers Because The Teacher Asked Them To Change Something Or Do Something Is like Some Celebrities Yelling Back At Directors If They Are Asked To Change Their Way Of Acting Or Do Something.

15. High School Students That Do Drugs and Sex Are Like Characters in R-rated Movies And Are Like Some Celebrities

16. Prom Is Like The Gatherings Where Celebrities Meet Each Other In Formal Attire

17. Selecting High School Students For Titles Like Prom Queen Is Like Voting For A Celebrity To Win A Title

18. Students Acting in The School Play/Musical Is Like Celebrities Acting in A Play/Musical/Movie

19. The High School Talent Show Resembling Contest Shows Like America's Got Talent And Resembles High School Musical

20. High School Students Collaborating In The Classroom Or Extracurricular Activities Is Like Celebrities Working Together In A Production

21. Yearbook Pictures Are Like Pictures Of A Cast In A Movie And Are Like Pictures On The Cover Of A Tabloid, Magazine, Newspaper, Or Article

22. Senior Awards Night Is Like The Oscar Awards

23. Some High School Students Are Shady Like Some Celebrities

24. Some High School Students Are Like The Nice, Humble Celebrities

25. Some High School Students Are Show-offs And Arrogant Like Some Celebrities

26. High school students are crazy about the hot girl or boy, who is like the hot celebrity or model that fans are crazy about.

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