20 Gifts Any High School Graduate Will Love
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Student Life

20 Gifts Any High School Graduate Will Love

Gifts you will actually use in college

20 Gifts Any High School Graduate Will Love

First of all, congrats to the Class of 2020!

Graduation season is in full swing. To say the Class of 2020 is graduating under unusual circumstances would be an understatement. Some high schools have already held their graduation ceremonies (either virtually or in-person with social distancing guidelines). However, there are still many high schools that have chosen to postpone graduation until a later date. Even though all of the high school seniors graduating this year lost the last half of their senior year, that doesn't mean they shouldn't get the same love we all got when we graduated high school. Many of these seniors will be heading to college in the fall, and they will need some gifts that may (or may not) help them get through this next and exciting phase in their lives. If you know a high school graduate, here are 20 ideas to think about giving as a gift.

1. Water bottle


Any college student will tell you that you will not survive without bringing your water bottle everywhere you go. You will thank yourself when you are walking to class on a blazing hot day.

2. Journal

Coming to college is a huge transition for many people. Writing in a journal may help take off some stress one might be feeling.

3. Laundry tote

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If you plan on living in a dorm, getting a laundry tote will save your life (especially if you live on the higher level in your building).

4. Bathroom caddy


The community bathrooms in the dorms are not fun and have little to no space. A shower caddy will make taking a shower easier.

5. Blanket 

Who doesn't love a big and soft blanket? Perfect for a movie night.

6. Money


When you are in college, you will value any amount of money. I get excited when I find $1 in my jean shorts pocket.

7. Dorm decor

Help make the plain and boring dorm fun by buying some fun dorm decorations. Paintings, lamps, cute baskets, the options are endless.

8. Lotion

Such a simple and very appreciated gift (who doesn't love to smell good?).

9. Devotional jar

Sydney Hood

I am not sure if this is a thing, but when I graduated high school my mom gifted me with a jar of devotionals, and I love it. Some of the devotionals have gotten me through some of my toughest days.

10. College sweatshirt


Find out what college your high school grad is attending and get them a sweatshirt to sport around campus.

11. Towel wrap

Pottery Barn

This is going to be very essential for one to wear when going back and forth from the room to bathroom in the dorm.

12. Face masks

Face masks are perfect for self care nights or wine nights with your besties.

13. Picture frames 

If you feel like it, you can even add personal photos of you and your high school grad for sentimental purposes.

14. Jewelry 

Simple necklaces, rings, or statement earrings will be a great gift for a jewelry lover.

15. Candles

Candles will be great for getting rid of the "dorm smell". Be careful and do not leave them burning too long. You do NOT want to be the person who sets off the smoke alarm in your dorm.

16. Planner


You are going to want to buy a planner. You will feel so organized with one and so lost without one.

17. Towels/ bath clothes

Towels and bath clothes will definitely be useful for those moving away from home. Be careful and do not buy too many (dorms are limited on space).

18. Travel bag 

Those who are moving away from home to go to college are going to need a lot of travel luggage to load stuff in. Why not help them out and gift them with some cute travel totes?

19. Decorative pillow(s)


The dorm room is going to be plain and colorless. Bring in a pop of color with some cute and colorful pillows. If you are a "plain jane", there are cute neutral pillows too (Target and TJ Maxx have the cutest pillows).

20.  Book of quotes

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I love a good quote. I come across so many quotes that make me feel so good no matter what kind of day I am having. A good quote book might be helpful for a college freshman (or anybody) who is struggling with whatever is going on in life. One of my favorite quote books is "I Really Needed This Today".

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