I work at a clothing store, and this actually happened during one of my shifts a few weeks ago.

Soccer mom: "My daughter wants to work here, how old do you have to be?"

Me: "You have to be 17."

Soccer mom: "Oh my gosh, I thought you were 15!"

Me: *screaming internally* *fighting back tears* "HAHAHA"

I know it sucks when you're 20, almost 21, and people are asking you when you're going to graduate high school (not that I know from personal experience or anything...) But I've found there are actually some perks to looking like a youngster.

1. You get away with more.

People assume you're all kinds of innocent because of your round cheeks and doe eyes. Generally, everyone suspects you're the "good girl" and it's a huge shock when they find out that you're not (and their reactions are really funny). Going off of that...

2. Parents love you.

Meeting parents is weird, whether it's your S.O.'s or one of your new college besties. But, since your youthful face hasn't shown any signs of all the hard partying you do, they'll assume you do all kinds of studying and other legal things with their kid. You're not a bad influence at all! *wink*

3. Messing with people is fun.

You have the look of a 15 year old but the maturity and eloquence of a college educated woman. Sometimes people will treat you like you're a kid without realizing it, and you whip out your smarticles and maturity and show just how awesome you are. There's nothing more satisfying.

4. One word: DISCOUNTS.

You can shop in the kids section without getting weird looks and pay $4.75 to see a movie. There are so many ways your baby face can save you some cash. So go ahead, order off the kids' menu and ask for some crayons while you're at it.

5. You can work the "cute" angle.

It can be nearly impossible to be sexy with a baby face, but you know what? That's okay. Because somehow, every little clumsy move you make becomes endearing. "Cute" isn't so much about looks, it has to do with personality and quirkiness too. Bonus: this weeds out the jerks who just want in your pants for the night.

6. You'll be carded 'til you're 40.

You won't even have to lie about your age when you get older, no Botox needed. People spend a LOT of money trying to regain their youth. Therefore, baby faces win at life.

So next time you get asked if you're 15, just laugh. Because life with a baby face is actually pretty great.