Do I have your attention now? Good. I just used the art of clickbait against you. I bet you were actually thinking I had a few secrets about this game. Truth is I have no idea about anything about this game but I know this website does. Isn't it amazing how amazing the character remakes look? If you think you messed up the link, think again, remember clickbait, people. Is it an art or an annoyance?

I don't know if anyone really thinks if it's art mostly just an annoyance. I see tons of clickbait on different websites. Right now on my tab open to my Facebook and on my newsfeed there is clickbait that basically says it's a test for me to see my mental health if I click on it. When you click on it you expect to be taken to a page with questions to answer instead it takes you to a page to add a new extension to your browser. It will most likely come with bugs or a trojan horse. These things messed up my old computer and laptop so much that I can't even use them anymore.

A few examples of clickbait are;

You may have seen some of those and rolled your eyes at it. Those are the more obvious clickbaits around the interwebz.