To this new and magical place,

I eagerly anticipate my arrival. These next few months are going to either soar or drag. This is so much more than getting my passport and taking a few memorable Instagram pictures.

I want to embrace you fully and openly. You have so much to teach me, and I am so ready to learn. There is a certain glamour and glorification associated with going abroad, whether it be for a semester, a month or a week. I want my experience to surpass the glitz and glamour; I want to become so immersed into the culture of my destination that I will carry a piece of it with me forever.

I do not want to just "study abroad," I want to enhance and broaden my worldview. I want to go outside of my comfort zone and see what else there is for me to admire and enjoy in this great big world of ours.

I want to look back on all of this years from now and think about how I felt. I want to share stories with my family and friends, even if they may not fully understand.

I love my home, and I love where I come from. However, I think everyone needs to expand their worldview at some point and explore outside the country in some way. We cannot live our whole lives thinking the rest of the world lives the exact same way as we do.

A little culture is good for the soul. A little culture will give you soul.

Here's to this new adventure, this new place, these new people and to whatever else my journey brings me.