Spoiler alert: poems from this book will be present, so turn back now if you don't want me to ruin it!

I recently grabbed this new book called "Her." written by Pierre Alex Jeanty and GOD DANG, I'm in love.

I think every man, woman, and MANCHILD should take a peek at this book.

I'm not a poetry fanatic but I appreciate it and found a love for reading poetry very recently. I find myself looking at the poetry section in bookstores, I enjoy spoken word and I love listening to people speak in such art. I secretly wish I can do it as well (but that will never happen). This book, unlike Rupi Kaur's 'Milk and Honey', is from the perspective of a man talking about his mistakes and love for a woman or women.

I think every man and manchild should read this book because I think Y'all can learn a thing or two from Pierre Alex Jeanty. He understands that a "real man" isn't intimidated by the presence of a strong woman.

Every woman should read this book because Jeanty is a great example of how a woman should be treated. Don't make excuses for mediocre behavior. If he really loves you, he needs to respect you.

Here are a few quotes I took from the book in hopes to persuade you to buy your own copy!

1. Stop calling me crazy, k thanks. 

Nacha Promsatian

2. Thank you for acknowledging my smarts 

Nacha Promsatian

3. A message to all fuck boys

Nacha Promsatian

4. Shooketh 

Nacha Promsatian