Helping Others, Why Bother?

I'm not saying that doing things for yourself is selfish, but truly, you are helping yourself when you help others.

Lately, I have been all about myself. Worrying about what all is on my plate for this week, or this month. Doing homework when I have a moment to just stop and breathe. Constantly checking my work schedules to make sure I'm not missing a day I didn't know about. I'm always worrying about myself and my responsibilities, when I could be helping others along the way.

I am always either at school, work, or at home. There is really no in between and all the selfish worry about my life is making me miserable.

I've started to notice that when I'm in public I always see people in need, but I never help them. I have been so caught up in my schoolwork, my career, and my life when I could be helping them.

For example, seeing a homeless person and giving them something as simple as a quarter could make all the difference in their world or just holding the door open for somebody and giving them a big smile could really brighten up someones day.

We constantly see our lives and think to ourselves, "Just let me get through this day", when we should be saying, "What can I do to impact someone or make someones day a little bit better?" I know guys, I know. If you are feeling down and its just the worst day you have ever had in your entire life the last thing on your mind would be "How can I help my coworkers day go a little bit easier?" or "How can I help my classmate out on her schoolwork?" I promise you though, the outcome of your help will make their day and your day amazing.

I work at a hospital now and I had my first day on the unit floor last Friday. I was assigned to one of the Techs so she could show me the ropes and different things they do. As the day went on I started to notice that every Tech there worked as a team. They all were each assigned to their own rooms and patients, but every patient on that floor belonged to each and every one of them. They do not have to work together, but they choose to so it will make everyone's day go smoothly.

That was rewarding to watch in general.

So, I challenge each of you to go out today and help someone you thought you would never help. Give that homeless man a dollar. Hold the door open for someone. Help tat lady get her groceries to her car. Say hey to the person you hate. Sit with the lonely kid at lunch.

We all live on the same planet, lets work together to make this short life a great experience.

Much love,


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