Helping California Camp Fire Victims
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Paradise Is Lost As Multiple Fires Devastate The Lives Of Californians Again

When will these disasters end?

Paradise Is Lost As Multiple Fires Devastate The Lives Of Californians Again

California can't seem to catch a break, especially during fire season.

With more than 50 fires that covered at least 1,000 acres in 2018, California is currently experiencing what people are calling the worst fire in California history.

The Camp fire in Butte County has now spread to over 140,000 acres, killed over 80 civilians, caused more than 600 civilians disappearance, the entire town of Paradise is gone and is only 50% contained as of November 23rd.

The Northern California Camp fire started on November 8th and has raged near out of control since then — ruining lives in its destructive wake. At the current death toll, it is not only the largest fire but also the deadliest fire in California history.

The sheer destructive nature of the fire grew so quickly that it has been expanding an average of a football field every three seconds. Often leaving homeowners unaware of the severity of the fire until police officers as well as firefighters are at people's doors and telling them to evacuate immediately with the clothes on their back.

As a result, many homeowners weren't even given a chance to load up their horses, cattle, etc. and had to resort to opening the gates to their pastures and hoping they run away from the fire. Sometimes they had so little time people couldn't even set their animals loose.

Due to this, multiple posts on social media have been shared by tens of thousands of people across North America encouraging Californians that are at risk of evacuating to cut down fencing and leave buckets of water out for the animals trying to flee the fire.
Animal lovers as well as police have offered to swoop in to help as a result, and have rescued hundreds of animals that belong to those who were forced to leave them behind or set them loose.

Animal rescues such as North Valley Animal Disaster Group had several volunteers dealing with losses of their own, but still went above and beyond traveling to Butte County to rescue animals from the thousands of civilians calling them to rescue pets and livestock that had to be left behind. They have taken these field calls in addition to taking in, sheltering and tending to injured and displaced animals at three rescue facilities temporarily set up for animals alone.

If you would like to donate physical items to the areas taking in animals, they will not take in bags of food that are half used. Dog/cat food, grain, hay, shavings and pelleted food for small animals need to be unopened!

However, they will take in used halters, collars, leashes, lead ropes, wheelbarrows, pitchforks, puppy pads, etc. Often times with donations for pet facilities, donors forget that these facilities need these items as well and not just bags of feed and hay. Pitchforks, especially for cleaning stalls, are always desperately needed as they break easily.

If you would like to donate physical items to the areas taking in people that have been displaced by the fire, they need items that are close to brand new if not newly bought, as they do not have the facilities to organize used items that are not usable.

A lot of people are going through old items in their closet to donate, and this is not necessarily what donation centers want. A lot of the donation centers do not have the staff available to go through all of the items that are donated to make sure they can be used or are salvageable.

Brand new items or at least lightly used items are needed as donations. If you do not have such items, monetary donations, as well as gift cards to grocery stores and clothing shops, are desired just as much.

Examples of gift cards that are needed: Target, Walmart, gas cards (such as Chevron), Visa gift cards, etc.
Below is a list of places desperately in need of donations (especially Visa gift cards and gas cards).

Butte County Fairgrounds — Drop off or mail gift cards and monetary donations to the fairgrounds at 199 East Hazel St. in Gridley. Call 530-846-3626 for more information.

Neighborhood Church — Mail to or drop off donations at Evacuation Shelters, Neighborhood Church of Chico, 2801 Notre Dame Blvd. in Chico, California 95928. Call 530-343-6006.

Oroville Hope Center — Send or bring donations to the center at 1950 Kitrick Ave. in Oroville, California 95966. Call 538-8398. Donate money at

Yuba-Sutter Fairgrounds evacuation center — Donations are needed for evacuated people and animals. These include monetary donations, Visa and gift cards, gas cards, new pet food, cat litter, livestock feed and supplies (desperately need pitchforks, wheelbarrows, buckets, etc.).

Bring donations to the Yuba-Sutter Fairgrounds at 442 Franklin Ave. in Yuba City, California 95991 call 530-812-3815 or donate online on the Yuba County Facebook page at

Donations can also be sent or dropped off at the Habitat for Humanity Yuba/Sutter ReStore at 202 D St. in Marysville, California 95901

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