Since Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti’s peninsula on October 4th, over 800 people have died in the country. U.N. officials have deemed it their “worst humanitarian crisis since the devastating 2010 earthquake.” There’s a multitude of organizations rushing to help the nation with things such as medication, food, water, etc. To make it easy for people wanting to help, I have compiled a list of five organizations who work directly with those affected by the hurricane.

1. Planting Peace

Planting Peace is a non-profit organization that is providing medication to those in need, and has been extensively focused in Haiti for the past year and a half. A hundred percent of all funds donated will go directly towards medication. For every one dollar donated, Planting Peace will be able to donate one hundred doses of medication, which is extraordinary. Please consider donating to this organization to multiple your donation’s impact by a hundred.

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2. Save the Children

Save the Children is an organization geared towards helping children in developing countries by promoting their rights and providing relief. There are many children left orphaned, homeless, or in extremely dire situations because of the hurricane, so Save the Children has sent an Emergency Unit there with necessary items such as hygiene kits and baby items to ensure that the children affected are focused on and provided for in this adverse time.

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3. Americares

Americares is a non-profit organization that works globally for disaster relief by providing emergency medical assistance. They plan to deliver approximately $1.6 million in aid for survivors of Hurricane Matthew and are working closely with local healthcare providers to maximize their efforts. Americares also plans on delivering intravenous fluids for cholera while obviously sending medical supplies to treat storm-related injuries. For every $10 donated, they aim to provide $200 worth of aid, so please consider donating.

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4. Food for the Poor

Food for the Poor is a nonprofit organization that primarily works with those in the Latin American countries. Apart from food, Food for the Poor also assists with shelter, medication, and other services. They plan to send over thirty containers of supplies to Haiti over the course of next couple of weeks. According to Robin Mahfood, the CEO, “A hurricane is the last thing Haiti need[s] right now,” and that “[They] will do [their] best to help them to recover.”

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5. Oxfam International

Oxfam is an international confederation of 18 NGOs (nongovernmental organizations) working with partners in over ninety countries. Oxfam is currently in the towns most affected by Hurricane Matthew. According to the recent update on their website, they are handing out hygiene kits and water purification tablets to prevent diseases such as cholera or diarrhea as well as construction material. Providing safe water is the organization’s primary goal since the lack of it can lead to loss of crops and diseases.

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While Mother Nature is not in our control, how to deal with its aftermath is. The organizations mentioned above include relief for medication, food, water, shelter, and kids so it covers the immediate spectrum of things that need the most attention. Helping doesn’t always have to include monetary aid; by simply sharing this information is also a form of aid by spreading awareness, so please do not hesitate to share and donate if possible.