What Is Heinz Mayochup?

Heinz, best known as "America's Favorite Ketchup" recently introduced something... odd. They're releasing a new product called "Mayochup" and it's exactly what it sounds like- mayonnaise and ketchup combined in one bottle. But, for some unknown reason, a lot of people voted on a poll that Heinz created asking if they would be interested in buying this weird hybrid and, apparently, half a million people were in favor of it.

If you're anything like me, aka a VERY picky eater, you probably favor ketchup more than any other condiment. I eat ketchup with french fries, burgers, hot dogs, etc. One thing I will not touch or even consider buying in a store is mayonnaise. The smell is revolting and you couldn't pay me any amount of money to eat it.

If you hate mayonnaise just as much as I do and will stick to regular ketchup instead of this new hybrid, this list is for you.

Here are 13 things I'd rather do than eat "Mayochup" (which, might I add, calling it "Tomayo" was such a missed opportunity...)

1. Give up carbs

2. Never be allowed to eat pancakes with syrup again

3. Give up sugar

4. Never eat a chicken nugget again

5. Never be able to consume cheese until the end of time

6. Give up pizza

7. Never know what chocolate tastes like again

8. Never eat meat again

9. Take a bite out of a raw onion

10. Eat 5 bulbs of garlic

11. Eat an entire stick of butter

12. Never be able to add salt to anything

13. Drink an entire container of maple syrup

Point is, I would do some CRAZY things to not have to eat "Mayochup". I'll just stick to ketchup.

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