I may be single, and I have been single for my entire life, but I'm no stranger to heartbreak. I created images and makeup looks inspired by each individual who broke my heart.

1. Dad

Zoe James

This image is inspired by anger, hurt, and relief once things were all said and done.

2. N

Zoe James

In this photo, I wanted to show duality. This heartbreak was by a person who helped me find happiness after the heartbreak, but also someone who had put me in a very dark place before that. We're still friends now, but the somberness that existed in part of this long-term friendship is something I will never forget.

3. Codi

Zoe James

This heartbreak wasn't terribly messy. This friendship and this crush, this love, were simple, new, and sort of beautiful, even though nothing ever came out of it. Codi was my first valentine and a source of light in some of my darker days.

4. A

Zoe James

In this image, I wanted to show a sense of unfinished, rushed messiness. You can't really tell what's going on, things aren't blended out, and it's overall kind of terrible. It could have been something great, but things were stopped before they really could begin.

5. ?

Zoe James

This heartbreak doesn't exist yet, and is one that hopefully will not come until I'm old and gray. This is a relationship that will hopefully happen one day, in which I can be fully myself and happy. Only time will tell as to how the other half of the face will look, but I'm hoping it will be worth the wait and that the ending comes a lot later than the beginning.

Those are the boys who broke my heart, finished off with someone who hopefully won't break it.