Eating healthy in college is hard, especially when you're living in the dorms and trying to fit food in a fridge the size of your pinky toe and 24/7 pizza is right around the corner. Spring break prep for next year starts this year (and if you want to not have a perpetual food baby in your bikini this week, try picking up a few of these ingredients)! Here's a few of my all-time favorite dorm-friendly meals that don't take anything other than a fridge and a microwave.

You'll need: Greek yogurt, peanut butter, your favorite fruits — especially bananas, honey, tomatoes and bell peppers, lunchmeat, shredded cheese, eggs, milk, oats, tortillas and English muffins.

1. DIY Yogurt Parfait

Not all of us are Alexis Ren and eat pretty fruit acai bowls every morning, but you can DIY a fruit and yogurt bowl with Greek yogurt topped with strawberries, bananas, blueberries and granola. I like Fage Greek yogurt that you can buy in big tubs, and eating fresh berries on top eliminates a lot of the sugar involved in pre-mixed yogurt!

2. "Elvis" Waffles

My favorite breakfast as a kid was Elvis waffles - what my dad nicknamed waffles topped with peanut butter, bananas and honey. I absolutely love Van's whole grain waffles (made with quinoa and brown rice and all kinds of good stuff) because they have a lot of flavor! I just dice up a banana, spread peanut butter on, and drizzle in honey. Lots of protein and super sweet for breakfast or a pick-me-up.

3. Veggie Wrap

Tortillas or spinach wraps are a great thing to have on hand to stuff in all the miscellaneous stuff in your fridge. I love turkey slices with tomatoes, spinach, pepper jack and bell peppers (you can even buy the cute mini bell peppers and eat those alone for snacks). Dip in ranch for a yummy light lunch.

4. Savory Oatmeal

A lot of people think bleh when they think of oatmeal. But I love making plain oatmeal and microwaving it on high with an egg on top and cheese mixed in. Mix up your egg and oats together with 1/2 cup of milk and stick in the microwave for three minutes, and top with shredded cheese and salt and pepper. Six grams of extra protein in the morning for building those muscles (I see you, abs!!!).

5. English Muffin "Pizzas"

English muffins are another great vehicle for veggies. I love sliced tomatoes and a little marinara sauce with cheese, peppers, spinach, and more tomatoes on top - if you have a toaster, toast your muffin then microwave with toppings. So yummy - and less greasy than getting pizza from Papa John's.

6. Egg Mug Scramblers

I tried this at home in a coffee mug, and it's easier if you use a little cooking spray in the mug beforehand, but totally doable without. Just beat up two eggs, mix in any veggies or meat (little pieces of ham, turkey, or bacon are great) and microwave on high for a minute. Take it out, stir, then microwave again until it's set and looks like scrambled eggs. Top with cheese and you're ready to eat!!

Pro tip: I love a little milk mixed in with my eggs, or even sour cream to make them fluffy.

7. Mug Mac n' Cheese

!!!!!!! Holy moly I tried this and it is so good. None of that neon-yellow yucky stuff. Super easy and cheap to buy a box of whole grain noodles and top with cheese and milk, and so worth it when you miss mom's cooking. Recipe here.

8. Sweet Chocolate Protein Bites

Roll up your oats from oatmeal (3 tbsp), some peanut butter (2 tsp, but I could eat it by the spoonful), a little honey (1/2 tbsp) and chocolate chips. Roll into balls and even refrigerate to let them set, but they taste like dessert and pack a ton of protein to stick with you for the day.

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