Heading into a new relationship can be so hit or miss. How do you know where to start? How do you know how much to tell someone right away? There are no easy answers when it comes to meeting someone new and heading down the path towards a relationship (if that is your end goal).

If you really do like someone, you are most definitely going to say some crazy and stupid things at one point or another. But do you really like them if you don't do that? If someone can hold onto interest in you even after discovering all your quirks and weird habits, pursue them. Trust me. Someone who can retain interest in you and like all the weird things about you is definitely worth it.

Liking someone new is such a scary and exciting feeling, getting to know all the great little things about a person and growing together over time, it is one of the best adventures. There is no greater feeling than having another person genuinely care about you and someone who strives to make you smile all the time.

That tingly feeling you get when their name pops up on your phone and all your attention just goes into wanting to talk to them, because it makes your day just that much better. They make you smile and want to be a better version of yourself because you want to be the best you can be, because you know that is what they deserve.

When you find someone who is worth your time, do not let them go. You may find everything you have ever been looking for, everything that completes you, everything that can continually make you smile. Taking chances is a part of life and if you are not willing to take a chance at love, you will never get there.

Be with the person who makes your bad days better, makes you smile when you are mad, and makes you feel cared for even when you are at your lowest. Do not settle for someone who treats you like you are nobody or just another person passing by. Be with the person who puts you on a pedestal, treats you like the best thing that has ever walked this Earth.

It is fine to be on your own, but if something amazing comes along do not just let it pass you by. Love is worth taking risks for, trust that it can work, and pour your whole heart into it because something amazing could come from it.

It is hard to find someone who can make you feel on top of the world, but if you do find it, hold on tight.